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  1. Styrna

    Game Modes

    Ghost mode sounds really fun, but it obviously needs to be a mode. There's a multitude of benefits to having ghosted creatures, and if one keeper underlord has more friends online at that time, he'd get an advantage, so the mode would be "Max ghosts: 0/1/2/3/5/10/unlimited".
  2. Styrna

    Game Modes

    The first 4-5 ideas are all, well, awesome. They're exactly what I'd play this for and more. However, I wouldn't expand into MOBA/TD game modes within the near future, if at all - unless you can get something unique done to them (I could see something like every creep being more powerful than...
  3. Styrna

    The DK-like genre name?

    Real-time strategy god game (RTSGG?) would be what I'd go for, probably. It's also way more descriptive than Mobile online battle arena is for replacing the whole dota-like thing.
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