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  1. sunheretic13

    Useful Files & Templates

    Helllo. Did you make the translation update files for patch 1.6.5?
  2. sunheretic13

    I'm trying to understand the meaning of the phrase

    Hello. narrator_misc_line_0097 Two of your creatures have demanded to go mid or they will feed... eachother? I'm not quite sure. What was meant here? Is it a word game - mid & feed that sounds very similar?
  3. sunheretic13

    Understanding "rescue by eagle".

    Yes. you're right. Thank you.
  4. sunheretic13

    Understanding "rescue by eagle".

    Hello. Already translated, but I would like to know what I did right. dlc1_campaign1_mandalf_line12o "I suppose there'll b-b-be no rescue by eagle from d-d-down here ..." "rescue by eagle" - Is it a reference to the Eagle Transporter (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eagle_Transporter) with the...
  5. sunheretic13

    "hovel" in this context

    Hello. I have a question with understanding this word - "hovel" in this context. dlc1_campaign2_huntress_line6 "What a hovel!" The direct translation of "hovel" is a very bad looking dwelling. What sounds strange, for a patrol who simply walks on the road and does not visit the living...
  6. sunheretic13

    Rated D for Delayed

    Thanks. I will correct in my translation
  7. sunheretic13

    Crucible wave 75 (legendary survivor)

    Böhser Onkel [AUT], More Gold then God - at the moment the game is too bugged that I got it without problems. Proof links - https://brightrockgames.userecho.com/topics/2143-broken-load-game/ https://brightrockgames.userecho.com/topics/2144-create-gigantic-vault-performance-issues/
  8. sunheretic13

    Crucible wave 75 (legendary survivor)

    Thank's. I'll try
  9. sunheretic13

    Crucible wave 75 (legendary survivor)

    Böhser Onkel [AUT], сan you advise a good map (easy for Crucible-beginner) to get an achievement in the Crucible? I got all the achievements except "More money than God" and Crucible challenges.
  10. sunheretic13

    More Money than God & Stay a While and Listen Achievements

    Update for "More Money Than God". God mode must be DISABLED!!!
  11. sunheretic13

    Need Help. Fossil hunter - cannot find last artifact

    It's a bug. I replay level & found all alrtifacts without problem
  12. sunheretic13

    Need Help. Fossil hunter - cannot find last artifact

    Hello. In this map I get all that i can. But i find only 13 artefacts of 14. I sell all my rooms, dismiss my army and spend tens minutes to find last artifact. I cannot find him.
  13. sunheretic13

    Bug or no? Enemies escaping from "trap".

    Without well of souls. Enemy escaping not immediately. I put about 50 enemies in one tile. It takes a few seconds (I think tens of seconds) and someone escapes.
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