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    'The unveiled creatures feedback post'

    The Augre looks brilliant. Not a single bad thing to say about it. Also, as far as I'm concerned, every minion could use a scavenge feature.
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    Need more publicity ! need to go viral fast !

    Because spam generates good will? I thought we wanted people to learn about the game, not bother everyone into hating us before the game is even funded..
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    'The unveiled creatures feedback post'

    I agree with everything you said, except the Gnarling. I'd like him to be taller, and just ever so slightly more buff. Don't get me wrong; he's supposed to be a pack hunter, and the look fits perfectly, I just don't see myself caring to keep any around once I can have Black Knights.
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    [Mechanics] Garbage disposal and effects

    Would this be a room that we'd have to pay for? Because, I mean... /summons Blood Imps "Oi, you three. Yeah, you. Get in there, and don't stop digging down 'till you've popped out the other side, got it?" /throw garbage into the maw of eternal digging
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    Taken Captive (campaign level idea)

    I assumed that the map would be small, and OUR dungeon was right in the centre of theirs - which I'm not at all a fan of. If it was meant the way you took it, then I absolutely agree! That'd be a blast.
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    Pyromancer / Cultist reskin

    If I understood him, that was the plan all along. Good idea, by the way. I'd love to have "skill tree" type things for my minions.
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    [Mechanics] Little Things

    I just want to be able stop certain creatures from getting into my dungeon. No, portal, I don't want any more Goblins...
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    Merry Christmas!

    Well, I'm amazed we don't have one of these. What're your plans for the holidays, community? Going anywhere special? What about New Years? Myself, I'm just going to be at home with my girlfriend both days. We're pretty boring people, lots of turkey (and bacon!), some movies, couch cuddling -...
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    Mechanic: Different dark gods to worship.

    I wouldn't imagine the dark gods would take kindly to being played like pawns. I'd suggest having three gods, each being the representation of a different vein of evil, and then a fourth option; "No Gods, No Masters (except you!)". Same deal as the rest, unique unit / spell, but more generic...
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