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    Join the steam group chat!

    Don't join Steam group chat. Join #warfortheoverworld on irc.quakenet.org. Or go to this link to join: https://forum.subterraneangames.com/chat/
  2. theMarg0r

    IRC could you bring it back

    Great! I'm in.
  3. theMarg0r

    IRC could you bring it back

    Yes he was. :P
  4. theMarg0r

    IRC could you bring it back

    Nobody ever comes to steam group chat, period. There WAS an active community in the IRC channel. We Kickstarter backers remember it. It was nice.
  5. theMarg0r

    How do you find Bugs?

    How does the operator in the Matrix see anything in all that code? Study and training. I mean, I couldn't do it, but I accept that there are professionals who can. I suspect that the answer you seek can best be answered by taking a course in programming. Also, FYI, blind people can't...
  6. theMarg0r

    Hatred Game - Thoughts?

    Postal? The FIRST one. Now I feel old. :P
  7. theMarg0r

    Cmla little UI mods

    While that might not be possible, it could still be possible to create THEMED UI styles, as long as you switch them manually, right?
  8. theMarg0r

    WFTO Wednesday #96: Arcane Fortress

    What a neat thing. You know what I was thinking? A dungeon theme that makes the whole place kind of look like the Archive. The Archive looks really cool. And here it is. :P
  9. theMarg0r

    WFTO Wednesday #86: Patch 0.5 Preview 3: Defences & Rituals

    Wait, you mean to tell me the bombard won't REALLY fire piglets? That Midas door, though. That's brilliant. Wait, you mean to tell me there's (maybe) gonna be a transit system where units go into the ground at one end and come out the other? Next you'll tell me there's neutral spiders...
  10. theMarg0r

    The Merging [Warning: Image-Heavy... eventually]

    Alright, who combined Baron Harkonnen, the bile demon, and an assface?
  11. theMarg0r

    WFTO Wednesday #81: The Warden

    I'll admit I'm not an expert. Here's a link to the Deviantart page, perhaps the description will help: http://zorm.deviantart.com/art/Tuonenlapset-43983510
  12. theMarg0r

    WFTO Wednesday #81: The Warden

    I know exactly what you meant. I was proposing a non-standard alternative. You know, on purpose. :P
  13. theMarg0r

    WFTO Wednesday #81: The Warden

    Or hey, how about some Norse elves? Norse elves are fucking metal.
  14. theMarg0r

    What's the most hilarious username/gamertag you've ever seen?

    I saw a guy named "My face is my shield" in Space Marine once.
  15. theMarg0r

    WFTO Wednesday #84: Patch 0.5 Preview 1: Potions & Spells

    I'm pretty sure that's good enough. Besides, I like that it's called Annex. It's probably the most fitting word that could be used here.
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