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    screen space ambient obscurance

    yes, if you enable it in the options you can see it add shadows to the stuff on the screen.
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    Stop the hotfix madness!

    as someone who has run into a few issues so far i am happy they are hot fixing these issues.
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    block selection

    it is much better now. thanks for the quick fix!
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    block selection

    ahh well, hopefully it gets fixed soon in a minor hotfix. i really want to test the new patch but my eyes cant make out the new box thing :P
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    block selection

    its a bit worrying though as i dont know how or why they let it through, its terrible.
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    block selection

    This needs to be changed, im struggling find the block im selecting due to the weird optical illusion this is doing. I was really looking forward to testing the game with this new patch too :( I would much prefer that the top is highlighted in a colour with their being a bright border around...
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