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  1. Tim White

    Why did I never hear about this??

    Thank you for your kind words Cpc2018. We hope you enjoy the game! Let us know how you get on :) Tim
  2. Tim White

    Community Translation Guide

    Hi Einsiedler, I understand, that makes sense. Though I may have failed to communicate my point clearly about private publishing for the purposes of testing: You could still publish your file to the Workshop, but ensure you select "Steam Workshop (Private)" from the "Publish Type" drop-down...
  3. Tim White

    Community Translation Guide

    Hi Einsiedler, Sorry for the problem you have encountered. This looks like it might be a bug with publishing the map locally rather than to the Steam Workshop. I have reproduced the issue myself, and so have logged a ticket on our internal system for a developer to take a look. We will let you...
  4. Tim White

    WFTO Traduzione IT

    Hi BlackBeard, Thanks for your feedback on the translation and I'm glad it is well received :) With so much new content in Patch 2.0 and The Under Games, it was certainly a challenge to get it localised in time, and our partners really went above and beyond to deliver for us. We would welcome...
  5. Tim White

    Useful Files & Templates

    Hi Mozo, we plan to update the community translation files very soon. You are right a lot has changed with the game text keys for Patch 2.0 - I am currently compiling all the changes and will share shortly. Thanks, Tim
  6. Tim White

    Czech Translation

    Hi Daniel, Release will be somewhere in Q1 to Q2 this year, though we haven't unveiled an exact date just yet. We will likely release all the community translation text for the update in a single batch, around the time of release, once it is all finalised. I appreciate this means you can't get...
  7. Tim White

    What/Who exactly is Underlord?

    Hi Daniel, understood, that all makes sense :) You are correct in that the game doesn't have a gender setting for the player. The only time we know the player's gender is in the Campaign, when they are either playing as the male Oberon (Main Campaign), or female Kasita (Heart of Gold)...
  8. Tim White

    Czech Translation

    Hi Daniel, The game text updates for 2.0 will be posted here: https://forum.brightrockgames.com/threads/useful-files-templates.11348/ We will likely release a completely new version of the master template file (v3), which will contain ALL game text, including everything that has been added or...
  9. Tim White

    What/Who exactly is Underlord?

    Hi Daniel, I like your translation of "Sovereign of underground" - it makes "Underlord" sound powerful and linked to the subterranean realms, and also reminds me of our Spanish version, translated as "Deity of the Abyss". There may have been an element of subservience in the "Underlord" name...
  10. Tim White

    Czech Translation

    Hi Daniel, Thank you for your kind words about our game, that really means a lot to our team :) We will gladly support your translation into Czech, and answer any questions you have. I see you have posted one already, so I will hop on over to that thread and reply. Also worth noting is that a...
  11. Tim White

    Some Crucible issues

    Hi guys, Thanks for bringing the Crucible Earthquake issues to our attention! I was able to reproduce them, so have logged them in our bug tracker. Hopefully we'll be able to fix what's happening. Cheers, Tim
  12. Tim White

    [Game Mechanic] Possession Challenges & the Spirit Minion

    Hi Rykath, and thanks for your suggestion! It seems like you have found an ideal strategy for Hell's Deep! I spoke to the team just now, and unfortunately this is not a simple issue to fix. But since My Pet Dungeon is a single-player experience, we think this is a valid tactic open to the...
  13. Tim White

    Useful Files & Templates

    Hi sunheretic, We haven't made these files available yet. The changes to GameText on this occasion are extremely minor - one typo fix, and two new keys for the new "Unit Voice Volume" option. I could export them early next week, or wait until we have more keys to share. Do let me know if you...
  14. Tim White

    Polish/Polski Translation

    Hi TrailBlazer, and welcome to our community :) Thanks for your interest in doing a Polish translation. As you've no doubt noticed, the game only partially supports Polish at the moment. Though I should mention that we are in the process of rectifying this, as announced in our recent blog post...
  15. Tim White

    Introduction thread

    Welcome all, we're glad to have you here :)
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