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    Dungeoneer Toolkit Scrapped?

    As an aside, this is one of the reasons you guys are so great. Fan comes out of the woodwork years after the kickstarter, reports missing rewards, and within an couple of hours, the Managing Director comes in to help resolve it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    WFTO Wednesday #120: A Patch in Time

    Looking forward to 1.1 Really appreciate all the hard work you're putting into getting rid if the various bugs.
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    How do I select monitor?

    Ok. I'm stumped. I got the launcher to appear yesterday without intending to. Today I can't get it to appear at all no matter what I do.
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    How do I select monitor?

    Hmm. I to have the stream version. I'm not sure how I got the launcher to appear... I was trying to replicate crashes last night and had quite a few. I thought the launcher was the other exe... Maybe not... A quick Google shows it is part of the WftOgame exe. Hmm. I'll try to look at it later...
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    How do I select monitor?

    Actually late last night I noticed the launcher has a specific screen selector. Run the launcher (I think it's called WftO.exe, but I might be wrong, I'm out at the moment and can't check, but it's the other exe that isn't WftOgame) There you'll see a box that lets you choose which screen to...
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    Low End PC problems - Help

    I'd also strongly recommend you get more ram. The game's minimum spec calls for 6gb of ram, and memory is really cheap. Have a look inside your pc and check out how many free slots you have. If you're lucky you'll have 2x2gb sticks in there with another 2 empty slots. If so, getting another pair...
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    Notice Post crash reports here

    Got a crash doing nothing in the Home Realm (see attached log file) Edit: Same again. This time (the smaller log) I was literally doing nothing - I scrolled the map off to a fully fogged area, and surfed the net on my phone. Crashed after about 12 minutes.
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    New Midas Door Closed on Home Realm Entry

    OS: Windows 7 x64 WftO: 1.0.23 I know, I know, Home Realm is as important as DK fans are to EA... Steps to Replicate: 1. Enter the Home Realm 2. Create a Midas Door. Leave it open. 3. Exit to the Main Menu 4. Re-enter the Home Realm The Midas door will now appear closed, although your minions...
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    Low End PC problems - Help

    Can you post your computer's specifications?
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    How do I select monitor?

    Interesting. I have two monitors and it always correctly runs on my main screen. From that screen shot it looks like your main monitor is #2, on the right. My guess is one of those two facts is your problem. Try swapping the cables around so that your right hand screen is detected as #1...
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    Campaign Replay Value- Customization campaign experience

    You may be pleased to hear that a survival mode is planned which will fulfil one of your last suggestions. P.S. I quite liked the necromancer mission.
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    New Level 9 me no time appears

    Can you add your computer's specifications, and the version number of WftO?
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    cannot complete mission 9 ambush game wont end

    I briefly thought I was experiencing that problem myself, but it turned out a lone hero was hiding somewhere. You could try slapping any converted heroes to death or turning them into gold though. Edit: another thread reports this behaviour, and the poster there said they only completed the...
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    Bonus design points for C10 - good work

    Just wanted to say that after the horrible experience of C9 (Belmore's Pass), I stopped playing for a few days, because I'd stopped enjoying the campaign. Today I picked it up again and played C10 (The Kenos) and its like I'm playing a different game! C10 is easily the best level I've played...
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    Corrupted hero skins?

    Yes, I've had another go at corrupting heroes and you're right Sifer2. Some have dark skins with red eyes like the priestess, but others, like dwarf wardens don't. I'll raise a bug unless aubergine else has done so already
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