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  1. Valtiel

    Some Crucible issues

    Basically, if you block the path with ramparts, it won't cause an earthquake immediately - but the next time you build a replacement earth, augrum wall, arena, or prison anywhere in the dungeon, it WILL cause an earthquake. This happens because the game doesn't check for a clear path until you...
  2. Valtiel

    Spawn Rules

    It looks like Huntresses and Wardens take up two-thirds of a barracks attraction slot each (50 Wardens = 33 attraction slots consumed), while Templars take up about 1.16, so about seven-sixths of a slot. Since Templars are pretty bad compared to Gnarlings (take up more slots, have less health...
  3. Valtiel

    Spawn Rules

    I noticed that the gold piles in a treasury do actually display the number of minions it attracts. You need nine tiles for the first, and 25 for every one thereafter (so 9, 34, 59, 84, etc.) The bard requires simply a treasury and lair. Still haven't worked out what's going on with templars...
  4. Valtiel

    Spawn Rules

    I've done a little research on the Empire minions (thanks largely to Snowhope), and they're, um, a little odd. Starting with the uncomplicated ones: Priestess: As Cultist; one per Archive or Sanctuary prop, whichever you have more of. Firebreather: As Crackpot; one per 1.5 Alchemy Lab props...
  5. Valtiel

    Heart of Gold Preview: The Sentinel

    Love the idea of this, but I agree that the Sentinel concept looks a bit too Empire-y. Horns on the helmet would help with that, as would replacing the very knightly sword with a different weapon - possibly a pair of katars, built in to the gauntlets. Paired weapons would also allow you to...
  6. Valtiel

    War for the Ghouldom - an introduction to strategy and a negotiation of balance.

    Is the Spirit Workers potion any good, at all? That could be a way to retrieve bodies (friend or foe) from a brawl before it's over.
  7. Valtiel

    The doors discussion

    It's also a micromanagement tax, which I personally despise.
  8. Valtiel

    Is campaign part 3 supposed to be impossible?

    Well, the campaign is quite short, at least in terms of number of missions. If the first three are really easy that doesn't leave many missions to provide a real challenge! I'm happy with a steep difficulty curve, personally.
  9. Valtiel

    The doors discussion

    I don't think the automatic mode of doors is enough of an advantage that it needs to lock mana to be balanced. Besides, a defense that only locks mana some of the time is confusing, and may not be easy to program. Just give the doors three states. It's easy to explain, easy to illustrate, and...
  10. Valtiel

    The doors discussion

    I really don't like doors in automatic mode locking mana. What if I have all my doors open, and then spend all my mana on spells, and then try to set the doors to automatic? Do they refuse, so I can only switch them between Open and Closed, and if so how does the game communicate this...
  11. Valtiel

    The doors discussion

    If you have doors that are either "always closed" or "open for minions, closed for foes", then the Glacial Door's ice blast doesn't work, the Midas Door is a liability because you can't force it open to stop it draining your treasury, and you can't slam a door behind enemy creatures to lock them...
  12. Valtiel

    The Vampire Needs

    Oooh. Oh, I LIKE this idea. That's a very nice way to balance the power of the Vampire with the difficulty of keeping them around! However, I'd make it "damage to friendly units only" that awakens Vampires - that removes the imp-slapping trick, which honestly sounds like a bit of a silly...
  13. Valtiel

    Destruction of enemy rooms

    Oooh. I think I've worked out a good compromise here. How about if, when an Underlord is defeated, all their creatures become much quicker to convert in the Torture Chamber? It makes sense in the fiction, since they're not going to show undying loyalty to a leader who's already been defeated -...
  14. Valtiel

    Destruction of enemy rooms

    The size of the reward for a kill needs to be balanced super carefully. You're already pretty much guaranteed to capture all their rooms, portals, and any gold they have left over, getting all their creatures might be a bit much. At the very least, killing a core should destroy all the defeated...
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