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  1. vv221

    Why did I never hear about this??

    Sadly it does not seem that Heart of Gold and The Under Games expansions are available without buying the base game again through Humble… Well, I can wait for the options to expand in some ways, I still need to complete the original campaign + My Pet Dungeon scenarios (my favourite game mode)...
  2. vv221

    Why did I never hear about this??

    Can we get a GOG key the same way? I’ve still a couple DLC to buy, am planning to doing it soon, and would like to see as much money as possible going your way. But there is no way I’m using Steam on my computer, for a lot of reasons.
  3. vv221

    Developer Response Democorn Plush

    I need two of these. Because if I only get one for myself, my girlfriend is going to steal it ;)
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