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  1. WoL | Phyrys

    Backer site support

    Thanks for the quick response, it really cheers me up.
  2. WoL | Phyrys

    Backer site support

    Hey, I didn't want to bother you, but I had a problem : I couldn't touch any PC for a very, very, very long time, and I finally could get my hand on a stable connexion, just today. I realized in horror than we're the 4 and the name/shirts submission finished 3 days ago. I wanted to know how...
  3. WoL | Phyrys

    WFTO Wednesday #33: A Brief Update

    Just finished to read this. You know what ? Take all the time you need. I can't even remember how many games was f***** out because of time limits fixed by editors. GJ for your first session with Richards. I can't say more about that. But for EA. My brain have assembled the news like this : EA...
  4. WoL | Phyrys

    Rebellion currently producing Evil Genius sequel - for Facebook and Zynga

    WHAT ?!? I'll not let those pieces of **** **** around with this legendary game ! I'll kill them, transform their corpses into a macabre bomb, and then blow up their offices ! Crap. Evil Genius doesn't deserved that...
  5. WoL | Phyrys

    [Room] The Asylum

    I love that room, that was the best idea ever ! (That comment was shared by a insanity/madness lover, then. I love mentals breakdowns...)
  6. WoL | Phyrys

    Food in WFTO

    If my memorie's good, SG cannot add chickens because EA Crap don't want to let them do that. It was a dilemna with the dungeon's tiles and your chickens. SG have taken chickens. (oh and you don't seem to have played DKII more than that. Don't you remember the "micro-piglets" Mentor's quote ? )...
  7. WoL | Phyrys

    April Fools! EA preparing to issue a cease-and-desist order against Dungeon Keeper fangame

    WHA... Wait... *drop his fire axe* Oh man. I was scared. Nice one. I've laughed too. Beautiful joke, you sure spend a lot of time on it. GG
  8. WoL | Phyrys

    Unit Spotlight: The Democorn

    Nice "poisson d'avril" guys. I admit I was a bit frightened with that one :)
  9. WoL | Phyrys


    I've tried Dungeons, long ago. The only thing I have noticed was an unstoppable wave of rage, but not "rage" like you've been cheated by your girlfriend or others shit like that. Not that at all. It was like... PURE RAGE Seriously, that game angered me as hell. If the wrath was the only...
  10. WoL | Phyrys

    Be able to tile when you possess an imp.

    Things you can do on dungeons keeper 1 ant 2 : Dig walls Tile floor Annoy ennemies Kill ennemies (If you were wery smart... I can remember the day when I've take down a lvl 4 guard in dungeon keeper 2 with a lvl 1 imp. Desperates times calls desperates measures) Things you CAN'T do on...
  11. WoL | Phyrys

    [Creature] Tardigrunt

    Euââârk ! I have a strong phobia of maggots, worms, and all that stuff I like that creature, I don't know why...
  12. WoL | Phyrys

    Cute Animal, Deadly Assassin

    Do like Dwarf fortress : Call a giant sponge
  13. WoL | Phyrys

    [Trap] Disease trap

    I agree, for Nurgle
  14. WoL | Phyrys

    [Poll] Whats your favorite creature from Dungeon Keeper 2 and why ?

    Give me a Black Knight. I'll posses it and conquer it all with the power of my MIND ! (or just brute strengh...)
  15. WoL | Phyrys

    Organised "Hatchery" Thread

    I've got it : Soul hatchery ! Filled with tormented souls of... Whatever, just a place overhelmed with souls to eat ! (What ? Top-models eats nothing but air for their anorexic career...)
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