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  1. Wonderboy2402

    Is a Cool Intro Video or Funny Cutscenes Planned for the Game?

    I liked the brutal legend intro. Even just some art with voice over will ok by me.
  2. Wonderboy2402

    WFTO Wednesday #49: The Shadow

    The shadow sort of reminds of the shadows in Babylon 5. =] Mostly the eyes though.
  3. Wonderboy2402

    WFTO Wednesday #39: Breaking Bug

    I hope it went well and wish you a speedy recovery.
  4. Wonderboy2402

    Patch Notes: Bedrock Beta v0.1.4 “Let There Be Light”

    Really love the lighting effects for the rooms. The overall feel of the game is spot on. The gold room was probably my favorite, you could make the gold even put off more glow to highlight the space and units. I really like the imp summoning effect: the poof of green smoke. Just needs the...
  5. Wonderboy2402

    Fantastic update!

    Been away for awhile and I fired the beta back up... WOW! Nice work thus far. I really like the room tiles and lighting. It also feels 100% like dungeon keeper with moving about the map and placing tiles. Really am satisified thus far. Monsters not having combat animations is jarring but then...
  6. Wonderboy2402

    Thank you again for doing WftO

    Spent an hour in the beta and immediately got the warm dungeon lord of evil feel.
  7. Wonderboy2402

    Introduction thread

    Been following this game, but never introduced myself! So here I am.
  8. Wonderboy2402

    WFTO Wednesday #6

    MMM... delicious bite size crunchy micro-piglets!
  9. Wonderboy2402

    WFTO Wednesday #5

    I like that units can pick up dropped equipment!
  10. Wonderboy2402

    Kickstarter refusing my money!

    I had a payment with my visa held and account frozen until I authorized the payment through a phone call. This was for another kickstarter project, Sui Generis. You maybe Experiencing what I went through. It was a transactin in pounds to another country, which seemed to raise a flag with my...
  11. Wonderboy2402

    Please replace the graveyard with a proper tomb.

    I can imagine lots of uses and rooms for corpses. Food for beast classes for one, with perhaps certain corpses being treats or particularly good and raising morale. Could also enable a job like butchering. Corpses could be pressed in a machine to extract blood for blood magic. Filth pile...
  12. Wonderboy2402

    Suggestions after reading Update #17 !

    I really liked the distinction between a beast and intelligent unit. Very clever.
  13. Wonderboy2402

    WFTO Development Diary #9 - The Calm Before The Storm

    Can't wait to see the Kickstarter!
  14. Wonderboy2402

    Playable Heroes?

    Oh, I did not know you were planning both sides. That is really cool news! It will be fun to see what motivates both sides on a map. :cool:
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