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    Life in a dungeon, even after the death of an underlord

    Because when the Underlord dies their evil energy no longer exists to keep the portal open so the minions high-tail it back to the darker depths rather than bumble about waiting for death. Minions need a master. Plus, you never know, there could be tacos and grape drink back down in the...
  2. Xander

    How About Skins For Minions?

    If its possible for custom creature themes that would likely lighten the workload However if that were the case the Succubus would need to be unalterable :'D
  3. Xander

    Forwards to 2018!

    If map is too big - Fill map with impenetrable rock If map is too small - Make do with the limitations you have set yourself
  4. Xander

    1 Player Archivists Majistra

    Xander updated Archivists Majistra with a new update entry: .zip download Read the rest of this update entry...
  5. Xander

    vs. Empire Archivists Majistra - .zip download

    File has been uploaded onto Foundry
  6. Xander

    1 Player Archivists Majistra

    ...\steamapps\common\War For The Overworld\GameData\Maps - None of my maps are in there. And nothing in the AppData or Documents...
  7. Xander

    1 Player Archivists Majistra

    Where do the map files save to?
  8. Xander

    1 Player Archivists Majistra

    Xander submitted a new resource: Archivists Majistra - The Archivists barren waste-underdwellings... Read more about this resource...
  9. Xander

    Motley Moat

    Updated the map
  10. Xander

    Published Patchwork - Level 1 Aval Deah

    You just start up and login to Steam and WFTO should be updated with the 'Subscribe'd to files.
  11. Xander

    Fortuitous Map Editor Glitch

    I have a large map this could be utilized on, micro-dungeon capture, a graveyard of fallen short-sighted lesser Underlords of times past. Portals with types of consistent spawns, depending on room combinations per dungeon core, set by the map maker, all but the player's dungeon cores start...
  12. Xander

    [Map editor] Copy and paste

    I figured as much but I would like to think that the only reason that was not the first option the devs chose to include was because it was such a difficult option, mimicking tiles is not so hard at close proximity
  13. Xander

    [Map editor] Copy and paste

    You can select top half, lower half, left half, right half, top-left/right bottom-left/right quarters... That's a selection of tiles
  14. Xander

    [Map editor] Copy and paste

    You can, its called Mirror.
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