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  1. Zomboden

    Steambox Support?

    If say one of the announcements in the next few days from Valve ends up truly being the Steambox, will WFTO be compatible? (controller?)
  2. Zomboden

    Paid for War For The Overworld Underlord Edition on Steam no bonuses

    I am in the same boat, it says kickstarter emblem but I paid for the tier 4 edition... hm
  3. Zomboden

    Help! I am a backer and I cannot get Steam key!

    @Alistair my forum email and my Paypal email are different but they both work, I would prefer if you could send the key to my forum email however...if you can't that's ok
  4. Zomboden

    Help! I am a backer and I cannot get Steam key!

    Ive got the We received a request to resend your Humble keys. However, we do not have any keys on record for this email address. If you may have used a different email address when you made your purchase, try entering it into the key resender page. Otherwise, please contact us by emailing...
  5. Zomboden

    WFTO Wednesday #19: The Bedrock Beta

    Well, I had every intention in playing the beta, and I am still looking forward to it once an email issue is fixed... I like that we get combat in the beta which I am very happy to see because without it that would've been pretty boring (but less boring as more updates come along)
  6. Zomboden

    How did you first learn about War for the Overworld

    I saw this project when it was pretty much just ideas back on Keeperklan (Which I found looking for Dungeon Keeper tips/guides etc.) and kept checking it every once-in-a-while to see how it was progressing. I never actually registered an account on Keeperklan I don't think.
  7. Zomboden

    Replacement Names for 'Sin' Mechanic

    My vote goes with either Runes or Corruption or combine the two... Glyphs are cool as well
  8. Zomboden

    veins of evil sloth, when?

    10pm thats about 5pm my time, not bad for me
  9. Zomboden

    WFTO Wednesday #17

    Sloth, that would definitely better fit my playstyle, looking forward to hopefully a very near Bedrock Beta Edit: Simburgur what about that video I was promised!? :p
  10. Zomboden


    I love the dark atmosphere, hope you don't brighten it up too much if any
  11. Zomboden

    [Poll] Dungeon Heart / Nexus Name

    Core and Sanctum got my vote, no suffixs needed IMO
  12. Zomboden

    WFTO Wednesday #16

    You would take a games design that used some of the most basic and generic magical creatures such as imp, spider, fly, beetle (I will give it they had some creative ones like the Bile Demon) over a game that is creating a new type of creature, and building it from the ground up to be unique and...
  13. Zomboden

    Necromancers Pet

    I, for one, prefer a more mindless shambling rotting humanoid for a necromancer's minion... I disliked GW2's beast style pets with a passion
  14. Zomboden

    WFTO Wednesday #16

    Yes! Necromancer, I can't share enough the love I have for this creature... I love raising the dead and undead in general call it zombies, skeletons, specters... I'm there. (Even my name Zombo(zombie)den was the name for my death knight (undead) on WoW) Thank you so much for implementing this...
  15. Zomboden

    The Great Dungeon Heart Controversy Poll

    Dungeon Core (Core) is best suited to replace Heart IMO, Most of the suggestions given here seem outlandish
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