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  1. eddieballgame

    3 Player vs 1 AI

    3 Humans vs 1 AI: The AI is to be placed in the center postion & set on any setting ( the higher the more challenging ). Recommend setting Gold Mutate to +5 or better as the only Gold deposits are around the edge of the map. Can/should be played as a team game if AI is on higher settings.
  2. eddieballgame

    2 New Maps

    Enjoying the hell out of this game. The editor is amazing, kudos to the devs. I am submitting 2 maps, 1 is 100x100 4 player with all the Gold deposits set to Random Value. The other is a 70x70 4 player ( my personal ) favorite as this map has no Gold deposits. Ones Gold income must come from a...
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