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    WFTO: Translations

    It just struck me, why don't you use Steam Translation Server? Granted, the Russian moderation team there is terrible (so I would rather not to go back there again; although chances are they would just let me and others do our thing w/o bothering us much for this game), but for other languages I...
  2. Z

    WFTO: Translations

    Hello, Tim. I don't want to open a ticket for a pretty vague issue: some of uses of "its" and "it's" in lines are backwards, i. e. "its" when "it's" is needed. I suggest you to check all tips and Mentor's close captions for those, as it's where I noticed such typos.
  3. Z

    Some gameplay issues/bugs.

    In my experience it happens when path of a unit suddenly gets obstructed by a just placed room prop. For example, in an empty room you build 3x3 Archive just as somebody reaches the middle of the room, he will continue to attempt to go thought the newly placed shelf.
  4. Z

    WFTO: Translations

    Nickname: ZzZombo. Language experience: I dunno, what do you mean? I'm a currently inactive Steam translator on Steam Translation server, translated/corrected over few thousand Russian entries for DotA 2, Steam, and other applications there. I also used to participate in Translatewiki...
  5. Z

    Game feedback

    First, I'd like to state that I'm going to be as concise as possible. If my post appears to be overly criticizing it's not because I think the game is bad, it's because I'll only touch the points I want to discuss. You can safely assume I'm fine with everything else. General I think the game is...
  6. Z

    Home Realm

    That's dumb, because I've already finished it, and had reset it just to play the updated version.
  7. Z

    Home Realm

    It's not even that. I couldn't unlock the Well of Souls, for example, nor any of the Colossuses, due to that.
  8. Z

    Home Realm

    I have played it just now, and have some things to discuss. First of all, why is it so limited? The higher tier aspects from the Veins of Evil are locked. The map is pretty small. There are no shrines at all. The invasion party consists mostly of sappers, and therefore isn't a real challenge...
  9. Z

    Developer Response [minions attracted by this room] Sum up that naughty numbers in the tooltip

    I'll reiterate this instead of creating new. Currently, minions acquired by means other than the Gateways are all counted in the tooltip at least, as I understand the feature, it's supposed to only count units actually went through a Gateway.
  10. Z

    QA Response Room upgrade: Vault+ (Double gold storage to vaults)

    I seconds this. I already have a grudge that rooms occupy too much damn space per a single prop. And it doesn't help the Vault stores only 1000 gold per tile, costing 100 each. For comparison, DKII Treasury costs 200 to store 3000 gold per tile. That 1:15 ratio of gold invested to gold stored...
  11. Z

    Display payday wages like in DKII

    Prior to a payday there should be flashing numbers for the total wage you are about to pay. Hovering over the gold counter any time should reveal this number.
  12. Z

    Increase wall fortification priority

    I have read the thread asked for that change before posting mine. All and all, you just went from one edge to another. But I think we could refine it: Within the first 5 minutes of the game, fortification has the lowest priority possible. As you naturally tend to expand and such fortifying...
  13. Z

    Why removed the option to give the gold unit?

    Hum, what?! I just played DKII just to make sure and I finally realized that ticks me off in WftO: DKII projects a line away from the center of the screen to HoE position, making selection quite intuitive as you grab exactly that you aimed for with the mouse pointer, barring overlapping objects...
  14. Z

    Increase wall fortification priority

    The thing is, since there is almost always another kind of task available and due to the fact it's the lowest priority, you end up with a 30+ min game and no fortified walls at all. Worse, if you would like to grab a worker for a job and you don't wan to interrupt already fortifying workers, you...
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