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  1. Kai

    6 years later...

    No hard feelings on the shirt. Didn't expect a replacment. My fault I did not get it so I shouldn't get one. The effort really shows. You should all be proud of yourselves.
  2. Kai

    6 years later...

    So i backed WFTO in 2013... damn that was a long time ago... So much happened around then for me that after backing, picking out my t-shirt i wanted, chucking my name down for an imp, I lost my laptop, dropped out of uni, got blocked out my email and had to move house. Sadly i never got my imp...
  3. Kai

    WFTO Wednesday #25: The Tavern

    I have a question. I'm not trying to claim credit at all but have I ever suggested a taven/bar room in another thread? I remember thinking about it but not sure if I ever posted.
  4. Kai

    Sudden realisation.

    The light at the end of the hand gets weaker as I move away from the dungeon Because my influence gets weaker the further I am from the dungeon Noticed it a while ago but thought if i said something it would show my appreciation to detail. Anyone else notice any fun things like this?
  5. Kai

    Patch Notes: Bedrock Beta v0.1.1 "Parmesan Cheese"

    I'm a bit behind on a the update and just tried it. What can I say? All I can think is a round of applause and "This is why I backed WFTO" Fantastic update. keep it up.
  6. Kai

    Please bring back what made the original DK better than DK 2.

    The problem with making it as close to the DK games is that you limit what you can do. you end up saying "well dungeon keeper 1 and/or 2 would have this" *throw concept* The dungeon keeper games could have been made better with a few things that Subterranean games are planning to do. They're...
  7. Kai

    The place with all the funny scribbles

    I suppose I don't want my cultists being killed by inanimate objects or tieflings. I can't wait to watch everything develop. Also thank you for your amusing and interesting reply.
  8. Kai

    The place with all the funny scribbles

    So the library. I feel like its a tad empty compared to the other rooms. I like props I just don't think they're enough. maybe some books on the floor or make the props bigger or even more props. I like the wall design. Probably a bit much... Anyone else think this? Or think I'm...
  9. Kai

    The little things.

    This isn't a post about the imps, its more about the little things that would help improve WFTO. Not sure if any of them have been said before are intended to be added because lets face it, I'm too lazy to read. The first one I've come up with is block highlighting. I'm not talking...
  10. Kai

    Walking the dungeon.

    One thing I wanted to do in DK 1 and 2 was to walk my dungeon as me. Not possessing something but as some kinda of evil avatar you could become that would make your minions run in fear, bow down in respect or even fight harder. To me it sounds like a good idea. Throw some customisation in...
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