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  1. Brenton

    Feature suggestion: Champion of darkness - Cuz every evil overlord should have one

    Honestly, I don't want a champion in my dungeon. The avatar is the main issue I had with Dungeon Lord. It annoyed me to no end that I had to keep coming back to do EVERYTHING myself. It felt like playing Diablo with a DK minigame attached to it, way too much of the game play revolved around your...
  2. Brenton

    Suggested things so far (please read before opening a new thread)

    I would love to see a wall construction mechanic in this kind of game (missed it every level I played in the DK series and the Dungeons series.) I know that it's commonly known that you need to be careful on planning your digging to prevent misfortune, but even a wall spell that took all of your...
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