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  1. Jessen21

    Cheat codes/Map editor

    Sweet! That is great news. I was hoping for this deeply, because I love to experiment a bit and when I had debug access I made a really great home realm, but since I reset it, I can't try to remake the result.
  2. Jessen21

    Cheat codes/Map editor

    Sorry Riva, it just was said to take weeks rather than months and its been almost a year since release.
  3. Jessen21

    Cheat codes/Map editor

    Its been a while, maybe we can look into the debug console?
  4. Jessen21

    Cheat codes/Map editor

    In my opinion, the password is just going to be found sooner or later anyways. The best the devs can do is lock it for multiplayer and make a disclaimer telling that they are not responsible for any harm to your computer that results from their use in singleplayer. Coming from the beta, I...
  5. Jessen21

    Debug Console & Hotkeys

    looking at the current update and whats happened now, theres a few things i'm able to mention as in somewhat now that we can test.
  6. Jessen21

    Dungeon Themes

    Well, we know that theres going to be the Arcane Fortress theme, and the Sovereign theme. What other kind of themes do you think should have some time invested into them? Personally I'd love to see some throwbacks to Dungeon Keeper 1 and 2's themes, but that's just me. as a side note, anyone...
  7. Jessen21

    Patch Testing: Bedrock Beta v0.5.0 "Dungeons for Two"

    small little note here, since preview 30, while in windowed mode you cant alt tab, as it wont let anything else on top of it. You have to minimize to check on anything running behind it. Is that intended?
  8. Jessen21

    Patch Notes: Bedrock Beta v0.4.3 "Calm Before the Storm"

    Is it me, or are units getting stuck in the general area of the core when they are suppose to be walking by?
  9. Jessen21

    Debug Console & Hotkeys

    it would be nice if the console maybe had a way to list what rooms/spells/traps/terrain/creatures were available in game. additionally for those looking, and for potential upcoming testing, I've gathered something everyone likely wants to know. Shrines: I've been on the look out and am...
  10. Jessen21

    Shrines and their functions

    i'm a DK1/DK2 Veteran so I know about those old gem seams, would be nice to pop that down into a map, that's for sure. I've tried to use the debug console to place these shrines in to maps but they are definatly not fully in...as they pop up as rooms that are solid color tiles and a raised...
  11. Jessen21

    Shrines and their functions

    So far I know that there is the Perception shrine and that it gives you a large sight radius bonus. But what are the other shrines that are in or going to be in? I've heard rumor that there's at least a gold shrine, and a siege shrine, is there a mana shrine? I can guess gold shrine gives you...
  12. Jessen21

    Hero Units spawned on your side.

    I've been tinkering around with the console and spawning heroes is rather fun, but I want to ask if anyone else has noticed that if you spawn a hero on your side, it wont make a bed and will just wander around. The only time empire units will make a lair bed is if they've been converted. Anyone...
  13. Jessen21

    New Interesting Bug

    The latest patch I've been experimenting with the Spirit Chamber just a bit (using the debug console to place it in maps where I have more room) Today I found that after the Witch Doctors finish raising the level of a creature and the imps carted them off to their lair or the beast den, they...
  14. Jessen21

    Patch Notes: Bedrock Beta v0.1.4 “Let There Be Light”

    can we get some hotkeys for spawning specific minions and 'converted' heroes while in debug mode?
  15. Jessen21

    List of Hotkeys we know of and their Function

    no hotkey to spawn bafu in debug mode sadly
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