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  1. rooben777

    Viewed by Developer Life in a dungeon, even after the death of an underlord

    So, what I suggest is, to let the dungeon "live", even after its master is gone, or is away. I mean It simply makes sense to me, why should everyone die/run away when an underlord dies, I mean heros are living underground alone with no master all the time, why are evil creatures any different...
  2. rooben777

    My suggestions

    Ideas from 23/6/2016: Hello evreryone, a long time has passed since my last post, but now I am happy to be back with a new suggestion. as you may notice, this post is quite gigantic, since I like to stick all of my ideas together in one post, so I will be able to balance them all together, and...
  3. rooben777


    Hello everyone :D I will make this as short as I can, otherwise this will turn into a book, I am apolegize for my weak english, since I am not a native english speaker. I have played the DK series for a decade now, and I l watched WFTO grow from its very begining in the keeper klan forums...
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