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    The gems over hardened walls.

    I disagree too. It's the best way to know where your dungeon starts or ends and to who it belongs. Great indicators!
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    in the rise of Raskhos(or others) why not let us be back where we were...

    ...in our dungeon after having showed us a new sight? mmm Ok: I'm french, I'll do my best to be understood: for example:Now when we discover an 'eye shrine', the Voice shows us a round view of the new surroundings while tuuuuurning, turrrrrnniing! So when we can move again by ourselves: 1- we...
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    Patch Notes: Bedrock Beta v0.1.4 “Let There Be Light”

    very good upgrade. But there are places where imps dig and disappear in the fog, like if they couldn't place a light on the walls, even if they dug there. Plus on some walls that look 'digables' the pointer won't change into an axe and I am not able to order the imps to dig.. All in all, good...
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    Suggested things so far (please read before opening a new thread)

    hi, I'm new here and just tried the beta. English is not my native language so sorry for the mistakes I can make...It took me awhile to understand the game was not ready for the announced date but one could still buy it...Now I get it;) Well as simple that version still is, that game seems full...
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