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    Sacrifice in The Under Games

    Has anyone found any successful combinations for this ritual in The Under Games? I'm not referring to the vampire sacrifices, but the "sacrifice 3 to the dark god mendechaus to be rewarded".
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    New Content

    Anyone know the release date of the expansion/new content?
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    Defeating Kira...

    Just can't seem to get there. Any tips? I tried trapping a bunch of her guys in an ice potion in one breach, then running the bulk of my forces straight to the dungeon core, but they kept getting slaughtered. And exactly what is the beast den unit/size limit? I had two HELLA big beast dens...
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    Anyone else having issues updating to 0.7?

    As the title suggests, I am having problems updating the game to 0.7. I am currently set up to run the patchtesting beta 0.6.1 and am running the game on steam. Is there something else i need to do, or is Steam simply behind the curve?
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    New Converting minions in sandbox

    In the middle of playing a sandbox map, Hollow to be specific, and I have 16 enemy minions in my torture chamber that have been there for going on 30 minutes..... and none have converted. This is using the patchtest branch with the patch on 9/3. During this time, I had yet to claim either of...
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