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    Map editor suggestions

    Add uncapturable flag to unit right click menu show perception shrine radius show garrison radius There is no need for particle fx in editor when replacing tiles. It slows down map making. allow to resize map when importing make artifacts placed on archive lectern already researched Allow mana...
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    Enemy doors are infinite source of experience because of autorepair. So amount of exp units get from them should be limited. Add key modifier that will make camera zoom and pan twice as fast. Allow augre and juggernaut to deactivate enemy garrison. Pan camera to next impasse flag when you right...
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    Workshop map location

    Where are workshop maps stored locally?
  4. Q

    Changing empire theme

    Allow to change empire theme in the map editor. Now you can choose it only when you create a new map.
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    Make everything researchable

    Make every room, spell, defence, construct researchable. This will give map makers more freedom when creating 1 player maps.
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    Hotkey to drop all creatures from the hand

    You can pick up 10 creatures by pressing ctrl and clicking on them in units tab, but there is no hotkey to drop every creature from your hand.
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    Empire faction

    Does empire faction in custom maps obey the same rules as underlords? Do their units require sleep and food? Can their units revolt?
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    Default camera angle

    By default camera is looking at north-east but everyone plays with camera looking at north. Why not add option that lets player choose default camera angle?
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    Lower priority of random wall fortifying

    Random wall fortifying should have lowest priority and be interruptible by other tasks. It takes a long time to fortify a wall and workers ignore tasks you give them while they are doing it. When you order them to fortify a certain wall should be a uninterruptible task.
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    [Map editor] Copy and paste

    Allow to copy and paste selection of tiles.
  11. Q

    memory usage

    I'm playing The Great Wall map and the game uses more than 6 GB of RAM. Is this normal?
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    Map sorting

    Allow map sorting by name, size, author and creation date in skirmish and sandbox map selection menus.
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