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  1. Enker-Zan

    Problems Since Recent Patches

    Haven't been here in a long while... Haven't needed to unless something critical has come up and it has: https://steamcommunity.com/app/230190/discussions/0/1642041106355926727/ Haven't had any replies yet, so I'm forwarding this here in hopes that something can be done about this soon.
  2. Enker-Zan

    Quick Question...

    Are Outposts supposed to break Brimstone in Undergames or in any mode in general? While I was bug testing in Volcansnow, I accidentally placed an Outpost by the Brimstone instead of an Underminer and it set off all of the brimstone and claimed the floor in the 1 cell radius (3x3 tiles total)...
  3. Enker-Zan

    Heart Of Gold Needs A Re-patch

    I went back to the Heart of Gold campaign when I read that all of the bugs were fixed, because before it was super glitchy. Sadly this is not the case. Every bug that was reported is still present in the game. The first level still has empire units pouring out of destroyed portals throughout the...
  4. Enker-Zan

    Having Lots of Issues With Recent Patch

    I've been having fun with the new Undergames mode and patch in general, but I am also having some major problems. I have been getting wicked lag spikes throughout every match, and sometimes the game will freeze up and then crash. I even tried turning the graphics settings down but that actually...
  5. Enker-Zan

    Last Level Needs Hotfix ASAP

    This is a confirmed bug by many, and it makes this level unbeatable. Any time you send creatures to attack the right side of the castle, the game freezes up as if there is a bad map trigger present. Going in from the left side from inside the castle results in the same thing. Please fix this...
  6. Enker-Zan

    Developer Response New Hotkey For 45 Degree Camera Viewing

    As said above, I am making a separate thread for this. I've never liked the diagonal view and always like to play with the camera set at the same view as the mini-map.
  7. Enker-Zan

    Quick Feedback For The Game

    So I finally picked this game up recently while it was on sale because I am a hardcore Dungeon Keeper fan/player and waited for the bugs to get ironed out, plus I have overseen the development of this game in it's early days before bridging to Steam etc (some devs may know me). So far everything...
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