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  1. Aotrs Commander

    Heart of Gold issues

    Started going through the Heart of Gold campaign from where I left off prevsiously because of the now patched save-crash issues. Some things I have noticed which appear to have cropped up since I last played (or last played this level), not sure they are bugs or what. 1) Creatures seem to get...
  2. Aotrs Commander

    How is everyone doing with the new campaign?

    Undergames came for me at exactly the right time - I finished my Witcher 3 playthrough a couple of days ago... Nearly started a new game of Stellaris yesterday, but said, "nah, too tired" (probably as well, given the bug issues...!) which meant by the time my work-day was done today, Undergames...
  3. Aotrs Commander

    Brimstone and Obsidian on Justice

    I've blown up (as far as I can tell) all th brimstone and obsidian around the shrines (both sides of each shrine), but I'm about 25 block short of the goal. I've been searching the map and I can't see any more for the life of me. Where is it? Or is this a bug? Edit: Found it - but only because...
  4. Aotrs Commander

    Creature stats?

    One thing I have observed as I'm getting to the point of starting to optimally work out what creatures I want to use is that, unlike DK 1, we don't appear to have any data on the creature's base stats aside for hit points. (I.e. attack strength/speed power/armour (if that's even a thing).) We...
  5. Aotrs Commander

    Feedback Thus far on Heart of Gold

    In a pause before I embark on Heart of Gold mission 4, some notes and thoughts. First of all, some things I noticed which may or may not be bugs or glitches (in no particular order) which may or may not need reporting properly later. Mission 1 Didn't get the Mandalf spawning achivement...
  6. Aotrs Commander

    First Impressions (0.5.1)

    As I couldn't see a general thread of it anywhere... Okay then. First impressions. (Well, early first... I did have a bash at the last release, but it was a bit buggy and I couldn't get much of and feel for it.) Things I immediately liked: 1) Richard Ridings. Perfect. What more can be said...
  7. Aotrs Commander

    Campaign mode... (A DK2 Rant)

    *skullpalm* If the forum will please indulge me a moment, I feel the need to vent a bit...! So... I decided to play through DK 1 again the last week or so... Having done the main campaign, I decided to leave off the Deeper Dungeons (despite those being arguably the better levels) and have a...
  8. Aotrs Commander

    Where do I find my account details?

    Where do I find the detail for my account? I backed WFTO back in January 2013. I have kept a periodic eye on it (I'm not much interested in betas anyway and prefer to wait for the final release of a game), but I realised as I checked in today I have no idea whether or not I even have (or should...
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