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  1. Biervampir [AUT]

    Developer Response An easier way to play multiplayer

    I would like to have such thing as well Thought Wit's too late for WFTO, but WFTO II will do it right.
  2. Biervampir [AUT]

    When loading a game many times it adds a impenetrable rock randomly on map

    What an odd bug. Please contact the creator of this map, because it doesnt seem to be a bug with WFTO itselfe. About Vampires, are they OP: - Yes and No - In Skirmishes as well as in Multiplayer, you often cant really sacrifice 3 units to summon a vampire and then burn 2 additional units to...
  3. Biervampir [AUT]

    When loading a game many times it adds a impenetrable rock randomly on map

    Your english is fine, I understood everything without any problems. Please make screenshots where the Impenetrable rock appears. Further to please provide the link of the scenario map. If you want a Developer to look into that, go to the official Bugtracker...
  4. Biervampir [AUT]

    Viewed by Developer room key, wallpaper suppression & longer campaign(s)

    I like the first idea. About short campaign. Keep in mind its a small indie team, andbits their first title. Beside of that, the DLCs aren't really expensive, and even the prizing was depates with the community and I didnt heard more then 3 people complaining about the price. But Ibheard many...
  5. Biervampir [AUT]

    Mission 12 - Help with the three Keepers

    You're welcome. I find it weird that people on the internet call me with my first name, but hey, I never hided it anyway :P Glad you managed to beat the next mission. If you need additional help, dont hessitate to ask btw, I have 2 cats D: and one is an a**hole
  6. Biervampir [AUT]

    Mission 12 - Help with the three Keepers

    hahaha XD Yea, that's just something I took up from Southpark ^^' She doesn't care if I say that, because she know that I will pet her anyways, because she's so damn cute and fluffy :3 The thing about beasts is, decide for 1 or max 2 types of beasts you want to attract. Beasts are stronger...
  7. Biervampir [AUT]

    Mission 12 - Help with the three Keepers

    The kenos gives you really fast mana generation, so you can zap many untis to death. Try to get as many units as you can, like ember demons, Beast from the start and fluent minion spawn (means enough props for units to spawn as soon as the spawntimer allows it). Go for the Archon, and summon it...
  8. Biervampir [AUT]

    Help! No one can see my Multiplayer lobby!

    Here's a video guide, if someone needs an example
  9. Biervampir [AUT]

    3rd WFTO Tournament

    Everyone is welcome, don't expect only high level players, the goal is getting many PvP matches going and have fun playing. And that's exactly what Stage 1 is all about. https://challonge.com/3rdwfto The Tournament will last around 2 month (if needed a bit longer, I want to give everyone a...
  10. Biervampir [AUT]

    Quick Question...

    No the outpost shouldn't break Brimstone. Where you using GodMode?
  11. Biervampir [AUT]


    I only know how it works via Steam, I assume you are the guy on Discord, because I answered that question a few days ago as well :p Go to Steam libary -> Right Click on War for the Overworld -> BETAS -> select which Beta you want to have [1.6f66] Though 2.0 will have some optimisations in the...
  12. Biervampir [AUT]

    Crucible wave 75 (legendary survivor)

    No, Quick Freeze doesn't have a cooldown anymore. Just drop it at the Core to protect it, and kill everything with armaggeddon and farm with monolith and Colossuss
  13. Biervampir [AUT]

    So, how about a much needed Black & White spiritual successor next for Brightrock?

    A Spiritual Successor to Black & White would be awesome! I for sure would buy it! And I bet that concept would work perfectly with VR If Brightrock Games weren't allowed to have Pets for your godly will, I'm also fine with, would buy anyways
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