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  1. Noxlor

    Peter left Godus development

    Hi, Thinks are going crazy these days. According to an official statement on steam Peter has left Godus and is working now on another project. http://steamcommunity.com/app/232810/discussions/0/622954302097116196/#c622954302097149048 I have to say that I am a little bit sad about this...
  2. Noxlor

    Language translation

    Hi, Some time ago it was said that wfto will be translated in different language with voice overs in German and French (?). Is this still valid for the release in one week? With best regards, Noxlor
  3. Noxlor

    Preview of WFTO in German Gamestar

    Hi, I just found a preview about WFTO in a German gaming magazine. I have to say that the article is not as positive as one could hope. The author claims that WFTO has no own spirit and no great self-created ideas, which is definitely not true (veins of evil, ...). The reader discussion is very...
  4. Noxlor

    3 free copies of Insurgency (Humble Bundle) --All gone!--

    Hi, I have three free copies of Insurgency to give away. To make sure that only registered members of this wonderful community get these keys, please write me a PN. The first 3 people will get the link to the key. Have fun, Noxlor
  5. Noxlor

    Possibility to free prisoners

    Hi, while playing today I just had an idea. What about the possibility to free your imprisoned creatures when you reach the enemies prison. Of course also the AI / Empire should do this when they crash in your dungeon and are able to reach the prison. This would add a new tactical possibility...
  6. Noxlor

    Show your hobbies

    Ahoi, this is very much off-topic but who cares ? ;) In this tread you are supposed to show your hobbies / works. I like very much the photography and want to share my Photo-gallery with you. It is increasing over time. So it is worth to have second sight after some time...
  7. Noxlor

    Evil Genius on sale on GOG.COM

    Hi, Evil Genius is currently on sale (2.99 $) on gog.com. As the setting / gameplay is something like similar to DMGs, I wanted to give you this information ;) Greetings, Noxlor
  8. Noxlor

    German GameStar gives a preview about WFTO

    Hi, the magazine "GameStar" has announced an article about WFTO. In Germany GameStar is a very well known and famous games magazine. Here you find the link: http://www.gamestar.de/spiele/war-for-the-overworld/artikel/war_for_the_overworld,50617,3032812.html The Author called the beta a...
  9. Noxlor

    New Bridge not placeable at certain water tiles

    Hi, I just encountered a bug in "My little dungeon". At two water tiles it was not possible to build a wooden bridge (see screenshot). I did not tested it with a stone bridge. Maybe it was because some dead corpses were lying around in the water. Unfortunately the log was overwritten as I...
  10. Noxlor

    1 x TESO Beta-Key Giveaway

    Hi all, I have one beta-key for the elder scrolls online. The key is only valid until Monday. Bethesda is doing another stress-test this weekend. As I have not much time, I would like to offer the key here. First-come, first-served ;) Greetings, Sebastian
  11. Noxlor

    Gift to a friend - which email address?

    Hi, I already purchased the game some months ago and want to give a friend a copy from WFTO as a gift. I am confused by the payment screen on your website :rolleyes: OK....I activate the checkbox "purchase as a gift"....but which email address I have to enter? My email or the email from the...
  12. Noxlor

    Connection between wooden and stone bridge

    Hi, I just went through the new patch and tried out the new stone bridge. Building a wooden bridge and a stone bridge close together effects that they are not linked together (see screenshot). I don't know if this is working as intended ;) In my opinion both bridge types should link together...
  13. Noxlor

    The Archive and its style

    Hi everyone, I just went through the media stuff and saw an old concept art of the archive (http://imgur.com/FkrdrSH , 7 months old). What I like very much on this art is the "dirty" and "chaotic" style of the room. I can really imagine creatures spending their time doing research in strange...
  14. Noxlor

    What about a creature bar?

    Hi all, I am relatively new to this exciting project so may be my question is just answered elsewhere. I could not found any discussion about this in the forum. What I am extremely missing in the Bedrock Beta is the creature bar / window. I mean a window from which you see a overview of your...
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