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  1. Triscopic

    New Midas Door Closed on Home Realm Entry

    OS: Windows 7 x64 WftO: 1.0.23 I know, I know, Home Realm is as important as DK fans are to EA... Steps to Replicate: 1. Enter the Home Realm 2. Create a Midas Door. Leave it open. 3. Exit to the Main Menu 4. Re-enter the Home Realm The Midas door will now appear closed, although your minions...
  2. Triscopic

    Bonus design points for C10 - good work

    Just wanted to say that after the horrible experience of C9 (Belmore's Pass), I stopped playing for a few days, because I'd stopped enjoying the campaign. Today I picked it up again and played C10 (The Kenos) and its like I'm playing a different game! C10 is easily the best level I've played...
  3. Triscopic

    Corrupted hero skins?

    Did reskinning heroes when they get corrupted get dropped, postponed or is my pc just not doing it right? My heroes don't look any different after they've broken in my torture chamber, but I don't know if this is a bug or something else...
  4. Triscopic

    Full Time QA?

    First things first: this is in no way a criticism of either the existing volunteer QA team (who I know have done and are doing a really great job for nothing more than a few words of thanks and some forum badges), or the developers. It's been my understanding for some time that SG has several...
  5. Triscopic

    C7 Heart Attack - Rhaskos Doesn't Matter?

    I inferred from the briefing that Rhaskos was meant to survive, but when his core was killed by a lone hero (for some reason I couldn't rally anyone into his heart chamber) the game not only cartried on but Rhaskos continued to speak to me. Is that meant to happen, or is it a bug?
  6. Triscopic

    New Home Realm veins stuck at the basics

    Probably a known issue, but nevertheless OS: Windows 7, 64 bit Version: 1.0.15 Opening the veins of evil in the Home Realm shows everything apart from Archive, Barracks, Foundry, Prophecy, Obey, Tavern, and Blade Lotus as locked. Additionally, sins are not accrued. Initially, I expected this...
  7. Triscopic

    Scouting logic

    It's been discussed several times before about how WftO has "dedicated" scout units in the from off the spirit and the occulous, but I was wondering if we know how this will actually work in practice, i.e. will we just be using possession and/or rally groups to manually get the scouting done, or...
  8. Triscopic

    "It is payday."

    Aaah, I can still hear RR saying that years later. My question - are "payday" mechanics ala DK planned for WftO? (If so can we have RR recreate the original phrase? If not can we get an "it is pay... Oh no, forget I said anything" joke quote instead?)
  9. Triscopic

    How full is my Beast Den?

    I've been playing WftO for the first time in over 2 months (RL has kept me too busy) and I've been really really impressed at how the game is panning out. I can honestly say this is the best Kickstarter I've backed to date. That said, I've got one peeve with the Beast Den: I can't tell how full...
  10. Triscopic


    Will there be any peasant "units" (for want of a better word) in the campaign? I'd imagine they'd have no powers or damage stats and only be of use in campaign or custom maps. Personally, I'd use them in custom maps as a story hook - you know, kill more peasants in their basements before the...
  11. Triscopic

    [Potion] Implode / Impower / Impede

    I rather like the idea of a potion that can be used on imps. Thus I present three possible imp-affecting potions: Impede: Effect: Creates a lingering cloud that looks similar to the impasse spell. Any imps (allied or hostile) in these area stop what they are doing and wander aimlessly, swaying...
  12. Triscopic

    Forums and Heartbleed?

    Any info on whether our forum accounts are affected by heartbleed?
  13. Triscopic

    RSS Feed Problem

    I've been having a problem with the RSS feed for months now - it suddenly stopped working in my RSS reader a while back. I've just looked at the RSS code and I notice there's a weird, empty <script /> block at the very start of the feed. I don't know if that's what's causing my problems but...
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