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  1. rutgervanderzee

    World Editor

    Heya, I remember the days when i played DK1 and DK2 that i ran trough alls the levels and where getting bored. So i mostly played the Skirmish maps and online with friends and family. Allso i loved to download the world editor to create my own worlds and makings the Extreme hard for the...
  2. rutgervanderzee

    My finding while playing the beta

    Ok, -------------------------------------------------------------- First start: -------------------------------------------------------------- First Look: I got the change to play the game now and am writing down my findings. First off the Graphics looks promising. Second i love the way...
  3. rutgervanderzee

    Game Settings

    Hey there, I was testing the game and it looks very promising. Sadly i am only able to play the game during the evening/Night. This is because my living room is very bright(Large Windows,White painted walls) Can you please implant some game settings with gamma options? i think more people...
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