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    Bedrock Beta not starting

    I have redeemed the key and activated it in my steam. However, whenever I press play, it always say (no execution file). Does anyone has the same problem? I am using Mac OS btw.
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    Details that you want to be inthe Game

    I am a big fan of DK1 myself and I think the main reason is that DK1 is so rich of details. From graphical details like the well designed environment (ie , the naked women statue on the wall, the winter effects: remember the footprints of your imps?) levels and puzzles (ie, remember the deeper...
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    [Mechanic] Friendship and Marriage System

    Hello Guys, We all love DK because of the creatures in it. For me, I preferred DK1 more than DK2 because the creatures in DK1 really have their distinct characteristics. The creatures in DK1 give me the feelings that they are alive. I remember very clearly that Warlords and Vampires always...
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