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  1. Rhalius

    i was thinking why not have medievall turrets in this game

    I'd go with some sort of balista. Would also be nice to have a balista trap at a door, where it shoots a powerfull bolt when the door is opened, being attached to its mechanism.
  2. Rhalius

    [Weapon] Rifle

    Why this obsession with guns? why must this be dragged into a setting despite it not fitting in? Just let them use a primitive bomb instead, that doesnt require reloading and makes sense for the era still.
  3. Rhalius


    I personly tend to hate completely upgraded versions of creatures in games that have that, not a fan of everyone wielding magical swords, wearing gold armor and such. Nothing wrong with some sadistic creature dressed in rags and chains killing his victims with a rusty blade or a wooden club...
  4. Rhalius

    [Bile Deamon]

    Got to give bullfrog credit for somehow making the physically disabled intimidating and scary. The bile demon is a morbidly obese creature without legs after all.
  5. Rhalius

    Multiple Underlord Types

    Just giving ideas, not saying that this many underlords should actually be in the game. Could always just go with three or such.
  6. Rhalius

    Multiple Underlord Types

    I like the idea of underlord types, but it should be kept quite basic. Just providing a slight difference. What I'd suggest would be the following for each underlord type: -Own version of a dungeon heart. Could be an actual heart, a statue, a crystal or whatever. Just something that...
  7. Rhalius

    [Misc] ITT: Easter Egg / References Suggestions

    Tooltip for the most powerfull door: "you shall not pass"
  8. Rhalius

    [Room] Arena

    I'd suggest to not have training in the arena at all. thats what the training room is for. Better to keep the arena as a place to put their skills to the test. It could be used to let your creatures wager money and watch fights, an entertainment source. a place to test out the strenghts of...
  9. Rhalius

    [Suggestion] Dark Angels

    Well a mix of cliche and original tends to make for the best forces in most games. People want the usual suspects due to popularity, but also like to see something original that they havent seen before. And of course cliches can be used in original ways as well. Not speaking of just the dark...
  10. Rhalius

    [Suggestion] Dark Angels

    The concept of a dark angel is not made by Bullfrog. The bile demon and horned reaper are original creations, mistress not so much either. If there is a dark angel in the game, I'd suggest having it be the converted counterpart of an angel. An angel joining the forces of evil would be a fallen...
  11. Rhalius

    [Underlord Creature]Bustuarius

    Tag? must have overlooked that, have no idea what it is or how to do it.
  12. Rhalius

    [Underlord Creature]Bustuarius

    It's things that can be adjusted of course, the jalousy could be reduced to drinking alone. Not too difficult to have the food source a bit out of the way, I do it by default myself since I never liked seeing everyone pass through the hatchery. Was always a side room to me. I just tend to...
  13. Rhalius

    [Underlord Creature]Bustuarius

    Key Stats Highlight: The Bustuarius is a ghostly gladiator, blending two concepts not normally associated with each other into one. Bustuarius means tomb fighter, in history these gladiators performed at funeral games. Considering that gladiator games have a strong association with death and...
  14. Rhalius

    [Weapon] Rifle

    Seems to be invented centuries too early compared to the setting. Kind of like having aircraft in the pike and shot era, full plate armor in the bronze age, or sewers in the stone age.
  15. Rhalius

    New Imperial hero: Crow Knight.

    Dark armor is probably seen plenty amongst the forces of darkness, though her belt and other decorations could be black with the plate armor being shiny. Aside from the white cape and shiny armor, all leather and cloth bits seen could be black. The crow in the title is pretty much a...
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