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  1. Holdo

    New level 8

    1. The tortured souls that you raise from the dead at each of the 5 crypts are not named correctly in the character tab. they are all called " Missing 'prefabs_units-juggernaughtdefiled_name' " or " Missing 'prefabs_units-Wardendefiled_name' " and so on. 2. The narrator will randomly say a...
  2. Holdo

    Enemy Ai Speech.

    I cant remember if it was level 3 or 4, but the enemy AI kept saying "LEAVE THIS REALM!" every 10 seconds which was pretty annoying. Maybe reduce the rate at which he speaks?
  3. Holdo

    New Impasse useless?

    Every single time I try and use the impasse to stop my imps from suiciding they fail to even acknowledge that they are there. I have used it in nearly every campaign level and it hasn't worked once.
  4. Holdo

    Character Tab

    I didn't think this was a bug so decided to post it here. Anyway, I was playing the sandbox mode and the character tab wouldn't show all the creatures in my dungeon. After a certain number of new creatures arrived the creature bar would get full and any new arrivals would not show up on the...
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