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  1. Mozared

    Noontide's magnificent livestream thread.

    It's going on right now, over here: http://www.twitch.tv/noontide13 Feel free to join him as he copes with a terrible artificial intelligence in order to make his way through an different kind of dungeon-management game. Edit: Currently offline :(
  2. Mozared

    [Mechanic] Hero faction beasts

    So I was just scrolling through the 'things suggested so far' topic and I noticed something: nearly every hero unit idea people have come up with is a humanoid. Out of nearly 42 suggestions, only 3 aren't very humanoid; and two of those are Centaurs and Genies, which are still rather human-like...
  3. Mozared

    Question for Simburgur

    Hello again folks! As I was randomly browsing the site I was thinking things over and came up with a question directed at Simburgur. I would've simply PM'd him, but I reckon his answer (if he's willing to provide me with one) might be interesting for everyone else to read as well; hence this...
  4. Mozared

    [Other] Various ideas based on recent DK2 playthrough

    Hello again folks! As per Simburgur's suggestion in https://subterraneangames.com/threads/participation.2576/]this[/url] thread, I figured I'd try a different approach to posting ideas. I've recently managed to get Dungeon Keeper 2 working on my PC again (which was quite the effort - if...
  5. Mozared


    Hello folks! After checking these forums for the oompteenth time without posting anything I figured I might pose my 'problem' to you guys: how do you manage to 'participate' in WFTO and its community? This may seem like a strange question, but hear me out: the game's development is well...
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