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  1. Ontos

    Imps shall not engage in Sisyphean toil (they are trying to take over the earth, protected by Outpos

    Imps shall not engage in Sisyphean toil (they are trying to take over the earth, protected by outpost). In the screenshot a lot of imps are trying to take over the land around the Imperial outpost. It's impossible. But they spend their time on it. I propose to ban them is obviously useless.
  2. Ontos

    Make the salary indicator on the gold panel.

    When it comes time to pay (to your units), the amount of pay may exceed the supply of gold. To avoid this, it will be very convenient to show the amount of your future salary in the form of some indicator on the panel with the gold.
  3. Ontos

    God mode - give the option "remove al units"

    God mode - give the option "remove all creatures, all defenses and all the constructions" for everyone, on the entire map. Yes, I know, that can delete any creature individually. But it will be convenient to give a button of total cleaning. This will allow you to continue the game "from...
  4. Ontos

    Overworld gateway should have an indication of % (of the maximum) of the attracted creatures.

    Overworld gateway should have an indication of % (of the maximum) of the attracted creatures. Underworld gateway has this indicator. In addition, after the patch 1.6, the following disappeared (concerns both Overworld and Underworld gateway): 1. Clicking on the gateway icon (on the top right...
  5. Ontos

    Give a hot key to cancel potions.

    Give a hot key to cancel potions. Now, if you took the potion at hand, there are only 2 options: 1. Throw the potion into the ground (to use). 2. To find an empty pot and return it. Search for empty pot - long and tedious. Give the button to cancel potions in hand. For example, a click on the...
  6. Ontos

    Regeneration for the overworld gateways (if it can be destroyed).

    For the company, perhaps justified by the lack of regeneration. But for maps, no regeneration overworld gateways to the fact that they are almost useless in the game longer than 15 minutes, you can kill them very quickly, giving, for example, rally point 3 ember demons. Please let overworld...
  7. Ontos

    Сursed earth. Captured on 1 tile. It is impossible to supply constructions and defenses.

    Now all the tiles that you can grab, allow you to put the constructions (and the majority - and defense). Here are all kinds of bridges. At all I put the constructions (warding totem). The bombards (and other defense) can not be put on 3 bridges: natural, volcanic, and stone type R. Please...
  8. Ontos

    Offer for each player to bring the moving map and on the minimap in line with each other

    Clarification in the video. I hope, this is not difficult. Need to remove the advantage of navigation. Green location, in the video of course, not random or selected color, namely, the location before the game.
  9. Ontos

    Let units spread out own bed in the nearest tile lair.

    There is a well-established fact: the creatures carry his bed. You can throw their hand when they want to sleep in the new lair. With a probability of approximately 30 to 40%, they do spread a bed. That is, they carry accessories for sleeping with him. Will be very useful (especially in large...
  10. Ontos

    Make the spell "Gild" is available from the beginning of the game!

    If you start to create in the map editor, new map, and go to the mutators - we will see that the spell "Gild" is available immediately. But this is a lie! It appears ONLY in 2 cases: 1) Open The Colossus. 2) Open Sentinel. All. If I blocked (mutators) Colossus and sentinel, but not blocked...
  11. Ontos

    Give access aspects at the bottom, if the top 2 are blocked by the mutators.

    You can lock the mutator 2 aspects that are in the same vein of evil, and on the same level. This blocks ALL the ASPECTS at the BOTTOM of this veins! Please correct this misunderstanding. Blocked quite some aspects. Those below - the mutator is NOT BLOCKED! P. S. in addition, the visual lack...
  12. Ontos

    Need a mutator, that disables the entry of preset creatures in the population cap.

    Need a mutator that disables the entry of preset creatures in the limit population. Now if in the map editor to give Underlord creatures - they will affect the population limit. That is, I placed, for example, 2 cultist and 2 of necromancer in the game this will cause their weight to decrease...
  13. Ontos

    Saving destinations gargoyle after symmetrical changes in the map editor.

    See screenshot. Gargoyles in the green corner we have the original direction. I made a copy of the lower left corner of the green) all over the map. In the end, the gargoyles in 3 corners do not look in that direction. P. S. also please finally fix the bug with ember rift. After any change...
  14. Ontos

    All units, generated by other units, should die after a time.

    All units generated by other units should die after a time. Necromancer or Archon spawn ghouls - and they die themselves soon. Why Ember Lord and Demoncorn do not obey this rule? Their children will only die in battle, without a fight, they are immortal. Despite the fact that being a parent is...
  15. Ontos

    Examples of the shortcomings of the AI behavior

    Create a theme offered me Noontide, in Discord. I will be here to spread examples of non-rational behaviour (or lack of obviously desired action) on the part of AI. Offer to any who wish to join. Let's help the developers improve the AI in patch 1.6 For starters, here's the video. Here is the...
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