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  1. Linny

    New Gamebreaking unit bug

    Mentioned it in my other post but thought i should put a proper report here. The vampire. Each time i have summoned one it has gone berserk and started destroying me. It's also invincible, if you kill it, it will just respawn instantly at its lair. If you delete it's bed, it respawns at your...
  2. Linny

    Released game impressions (Pros and Cons of the current build from a founder)

    Here i'm going to share my thoughts on the current release build. Please PM me or post here your own experience or if you want to chat. That applies especially to any devs who want to allay my fears of another spacebase DF-9 (But don't worry, i think you guys are commited! :) ) I haven't played...
  3. Linny

    Game key?

    My friend backed on kickstarter and we want to play :) Just wondering when he gets his key ? Also have a bunch of feedback if anyone wants.
  4. Linny


    Just got back from Rezzed and had a good time chatting with you all and you were all really nice! Hope you enjoyed the brownies (even though they weren't as tasty as Josh's mum's ones! i need to try those ones :) ) Apparently i can't post the picture i took because i don't have 10 posts yet :|...
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