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  1. TheOddOne

    WFTO Wednesday #38: The Rise of Rhaskos

    I truly enjoyed this update. besides the many graphical and mechanics-based changes, the game seems a fair bit more optimized as well. Additionally, the return of Ridings' voice gave me the worst best case of nostalgia I've had in many years. The game is shaping up well, better than I could...
  2. TheOddOne

    WFTO Wednesday #19: The Bedrock Beta

    Such a cruel start to such an awesome post.
  3. TheOddOne

    WFTO Wednesday #6

    I love it. Definitely read the whole post in Richard Ridings' voice. Micropiglets stalk your dungeon, beware! I was really worried as to how the hatchery & chickens would be "replaced" in a satisfactory manner. I simply love it. Best update yet! Only downside... I have to wait another week...
  4. TheOddOne

    New demo/showcase is awwwwesome!

    Playing the new demo was awesome. It made me nostalgic all over again. Lots of progress, and it makes me happy, especially with the extra decor and creatures/rooms. I would like to point out something (in case it has not been noticed yet). The blood imps / workers treat reinforced walls as...
  5. TheOddOne

    Build-A-Room Part 1: The Floor

    I like the worn carpeted look, especially in the demo walkthrough. I am glad the tiles' gem-centerpiece (the one that displays color of ownership) has been toned down as well in the demo. The first alpha demo had glaring red gems that made it hard to appreciate the rest of the details.
  6. TheOddOne

    Kickstarter is live!

    Hoooooooolllly crap. The mentor (Richard) could return. I was halfheartedly hoping a pleading to myself that this would be possible. Never before have I felt such a profound, undying need for the realization of a possibility. Not to mention the video. TL,DR: WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT.
  7. TheOddOne

    [Mechanic] Overworld Relationships.

    I kind of like the "bounty" concept, but must agree that it seems a little divergent from standard "evil keeper code". It'd be hard to balance in multiplayer too, to allow it to be a feasible, but not overpowered option to flood your enemy with heroes as opposed to attracting your own army.
  8. TheOddOne

    [Trap/Random Event/Spell] Living enviroment/Collapsing floors/areas

    Offtopic: Another dallop of sympathy for your loss =(. Unfortunately, I'm not a kiwi, but I have been working on studying the collapses to help prevent future wall failures by improving their design methods. It pains me to see the damage caused by the collapses. Ontopic: I liked your...
  9. TheOddOne

    [Creature] Ogre

    I dig. A throwback to older "monstery" monsters. He needs a BIIIIIG warhammer =)
  10. TheOddOne

    [Room] Dark Hospital

    I like this idea! Passive upgrades weighed against (if the option is still around) tortured&turned creatures (or your own!). I agree with the re-naming of the room and associated creature... but I have no good ideas at the moment. I like the sound of something with "butcher", or another...
  11. TheOddOne

    What's The Best RTS/Base Building/Tower Defence Game You Have Ever Played?

    Awesome -> Less so God Tier: - DK1 / DK2 (they where different, each awesome) - Startopia (I still replay this yearly) High Tier: - Evil Genius - Warcraft 3 Custom Map - Tree Tag (I think it counts?) - Any number of Warcraft 3 or Starcraft 2 tower defense custom maps Medium Tier: - Plants...
  12. TheOddOne

    [Creature] Rat

    You forgot the non-franchise-encroaching quotation marks around "bile demon-looking-thing" ;) and on a side note ... we need a replacement! Hmmm... I need to get around to writing up one of these, so everyone has something to shred :D
  13. TheOddOne

    [Map Object/Specials] "Trophy" Special

    Hmm... perhaps re-sacrificing every time would make it a chore to keep up with. Even in single player, AI keepers would be relentless at re-taking them without careful AI programing. A simple (but unsatisfying) way to solve this is make the specials player-usable only. Or perhaps have them...
  14. TheOddOne

    [Map Object/Specials] "Trophy" Special

    Or shrine: maybe to activate them you have to sacrifice a creature (or two, or three) to them... but once they have been activated, it is permanent for the level? Perhaps these creatures are subtracted from the available pool, or take longer to replenish, leaving you with a tough choice over...
  15. TheOddOne

    Brain teaser

    The surgeon is the child's mother. Silly assumed gender boundaries!
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