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  1. RyanAvx

    It's been months....

    Hello! It's been months now since you asked Kickstarter backers with problems confirming rewards/pledges and such to message you. I've sent quite a few emails through over the last 4 months and I've had no replies at all! Thanks RyanAvx
  2. RyanAvx

    [Creature] Hunk'o'Flesh

    After hearing about the Alchemist in one of your Locked in the Foundry posts, along with your 'creative use of corpses' I created somewhat of a fleshy amalgamation in my mind that I'd like to share with you all this fine Saturday :) Units Name Hunk'o'Flesh Preface The Hunk'o'Flesh is a...
  3. RyanAvx

    [Creature] Impdriver

    Units Name Impdriver (xD) Preface The Impdriver, bane of Blood Imps, Ice Imps and just plain Imps everwhere. They use their spiked whips and harsh words to "motivate" Blood Imps, along with other creatures, so they work harder and perform better in battles. Needless to say, they are much...
  4. RyanAvx

    [Creature] Faceless

    Name - Faceless Preface - A Faceless is a creature rightly feared amongst heroes and creatures. As well as a horrid, outlandish appearance, that alone is enough for creatures to question their sanity, it enjoys using it's magics to tamper with minds and pervert senses of reality. It is a...
  5. RyanAvx

    Playable Heroes?

    I've been following this project for ages :) Always liked the way it looked and then lost it for a bit, but found again now with your shiny new website! (which problem isn't that new...I'm just so behind the times, man) I've been meaning to ask since I heard this project, would there be...
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