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  1. OpenWaterSwim

    WFTO Wednesday #17

    Greed is more my speed...
  2. OpenWaterSwim

    Unit Spotlight: The Democorn

    Can we add to the stretch goals the ability for female minions to ride the Democorn? Now, that, would be cool!
  3. OpenWaterSwim

    Unit Spotlight: The Democorn

    He seems a tad powerful, but I rather like the quote, "Now I'm going to trot over there and give you what for!".
  4. OpenWaterSwim

    WFTO... Thursday

    Happy WFTO Wednesday Thursday #9 Josh, thanks for the update! The Augre looks good. I believe in the last live video cast there was mention that an additional reason that he is now missing tail was due to it causing wall clipping. Seems like an equally good reason to lop it off. He looks good...
  5. OpenWaterSwim

    WFTO Wednesday #8

    Where's my WFTO Wednesday #9? My Wednesday wasn't complete without it. :(
  6. OpenWaterSwim

    WFTO Wednesday #7

    WFTO Wednesday is my favorite day, indeed! You guys are doing a fantastic job with the sounds. I have some comments and queries regarding the new sounds for the Priestess. Even though she appears to be wearing boots, her footsteps sound a bit heavy for her size. I believe the "Intervention" is...
  7. OpenWaterSwim

    [Poll] Steam achievments

    I enjoy the surprise when I make an achievement, but do not normally go out of my way to obtain them all until I run through the campaign of a game at least once. I agree with Sacred on this point. I believe achievements are used to great effect to get players to try things they may not...
  8. OpenWaterSwim

    Richard Ridings Unlocked!

    We should have a forum thread for backers to suggest witty comments for Richard Ridings to say.
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