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  1. Zomboden

    Steambox Support?

    If say one of the announcements in the next few days from Valve ends up truly being the Steambox, will WFTO be compatible? (controller?)
  2. Zomboden

    Randomly Generated Dungeons (Question)

    Well, I've been here for awhile and I was just playing Dungeon Keeper 2 and realized how awesome it would be with a built in random dungeon generator based on attributes that you pick. I'm not sure if it was posted here in the past that this was confirmed or not but I thought I would ask because...
  3. Zomboden

    (Hero or Unit) The Executioner

    Visual Appearance: A very muscular figure, wearing a black hood that covers his face (well some of it) and his face is hidden and all you can see is 2 red eyes, alt: having a pale face with the 2 red eyes whichever works. (If I had to relate this to something or base these qualities upon to get...
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