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  1. Miyavi

    [Spell/ritual] Boaring Ritual

    A spell or mass ritual of some description Effect: Infect 1 or all of the micro piglets in your slaughter pen with a deadly magical virus causing them to fill with blood and swell up to enormous size becoming Blood Boars. Blood boars are enraged and will mindlessly head towards the nearest...
  2. Miyavi

    Assimilator nest [Room]

    The assimilator nest is a dark and silent place feared by warriors of good and minions of evil alike, in appearance the walls are coated in a thick black resionous slime and several spherical nests hang from the ceiling made of equally black resin. The creatures that dwell in this place dislike...
  3. Miyavi

    [Empire] Argentum Destroyer

    Name: Argentum Destroyer - Avatar of Light Description/Preface: Made of pure silver, The Destroyer takes the form of a giantic catlike centaur. Its lower body like that of a lion and the upper torso almost humanoid shaped, most of the body is moulded to seem as if almost completely covered in...
  4. Miyavi

    Super smash somethingorothers

    Now the thing about super smash bros, and i think the most important thing, is that charachters from DIFFERENT FRANCHISES can fight each other see, so one of the things ive always wondered is, if i could make a game....in the same kind of theme....that could have charachters from ANY franchise...
  5. Miyavi

    [Suggestion] Iron Maiden

    Well since a lot of people would seem to like something else female i came up with this idea. As DK had several very original creatures that were quite unique to DK alone ( mistress, bile demon, reaper, darkangel ) all of which seem to be the most liked units, i thought this would go down well...
  6. Miyavi

    Top 5....Games !

    So boys and girls, cats and dogs, Gentlemen and harlots, park your butts in yo seats for here it be ! A thread of things that are things ! Stuff that is stuff ! and small swedish children that may or may not be giraffe. For here be a list and you do be encouraged to follow it with thine own. A...
  7. Miyavi

    [room] Arc Heart.

    Preface: I have a tendency towards nonsense ideas and OTT everything, you have been warned, I suggest things because i can. Not necessarily to have them taken seriously. Highlight: Essentially a second heart for your dungeon, however this comes with certain....requirements. Vein: Sloth...
  8. Miyavi

    [Creature] phase squid

    Name: Phase Squid ( Or barry ) Preface: N/A Appearance image: Health: Low - medium. Armor: Low Movement Speed: Medium Increases with level. Attack strength: Low ( High against magic users ) Attack speed: low - medium Intelligence: Very high but without direction.....like a savant Training...
  9. Miyavi

    [Creature] Blood King

    Name Blood king/Queen ( king from this point on for convenience) ( Sanguine Lord, something like that ) Preface: inspired in some way by my favourite creature....the Dark angel, now the dark angel fitted the strangely serene and WATER styling of the temple. The sanctuary however being blood...
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