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  1. Acrimonious

    [Mechanic] Micromanaging your Imps

    One of the things I remember being most annoying in the dungeon keeper series was imp control. In campaign you'd have to craft a myriad of doors to lock them out of hero-infested corridors or make sure you unclicked your gem seams since they were set to mine them as a priority.... (i.e. if...
  2. Acrimonious

    [Mechanic] Dynamic Spellbook

    Traditionally as your dungeon evolves so does your book of spells as you delve deeper and deeper into the arcane arts. But what if your spellbook wasn't set in stone, but rather evolved as you and your dungeon grow and expanded around you. Be it through the creatures inhabiting your blissful...
  3. Acrimonious

    [Mechanic / Creatures] Dungeon Avatars

    I've been reading a few of the threads and haven't come across a similar idea. Just recently I was thinking, in a multiplayer context what differentiates keepers on the battlefield. Briefly brainstorming I came upon the notion of something like an avatar, the keepers own Will Incarnate upon the...
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