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  1. theMarg0r

    Comic ConQuest: Turn-based tactical goodnes where the costumes become real!

    I'm generally not one to advertise like this, but this looks way too good to pass up. This game is on Kickstarter right now, and if it doesn't reach at least the first stretch goal that introduces the new classes, I will straight-up stab a bitch. :P...
  2. theMarg0r

    [Creature] Headless Gaoler; [Room] Gaol

    Here's an idea I had earlier, concerning the imprisonment of creatures, and a creature to go with it. Creature first: Unit Name: Headless Gaoler Preface: A creature connected to the prison/Gaol (see below) room, it has a cool and unique role in the dungeon, and what I believe to be a useful...
  3. theMarg0r

    Bunnies vs. Piglets

    Continuation of the discussion from this thread, with a new poll.
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