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  1. Tommonius

    Need more information rooms not showing

    Hello all, I just want to know is this a known bug or not? I loaded my campaign and it keeps having rooms just be black tiles though from what I can tell they still seem to function correctly. From what I can tell the Dungeon core, the portals and gold tiles were effected this way
  2. Tommonius

    efficient units work speed effects

    Hello all, I just thought of a minor feature that should be easy to implement and might help solve some micromanaging. Having slapped some Blood imps and having had my attention diverted elsewhere it took me a while of hovering over the imps to figure out who needed the slap and who did not (not...
  3. Tommonius

    Dryad in game???

    hey all I was reading the steam WTFO creature guide and noted no Dryad, I pointed it out and the author said to his knowledge the Dryad ain't in. https://wftogame.com/wfto-wednesday-44/ Is the Dryad still in the game?
  4. Tommonius

    Kickstarter - Midora

    Wow this is new for me to be advertising another kickstarter, normally it is me seeing the threads, clicking on them and saying goodbye to £20 - 30 but I found one that looks promising and reminds me of my childhood playing oldschool zelda, so without further delay I present to you...
  5. Tommonius

    multiple player controlled dungeons

    okay I just glanced through the suggestions page and was wondering if the possibility of having more than one active dungeon per level is possible (forgive me if it has been brought up) For example imagine being able to make another dungeon core at great expense on maps that are so powerful and...
  6. Tommonius

    dungeon keeper gold

    hey all, dunno if anyone is aware or not but gog.com is selling dungeon keeper gold. http://www.gog.com/game/dungeon_keeper Now I brought Dungeon keeper off this site before, but at the time Dungeon keeper gold did not include deeper dungeon expansion attached where as they have no added it...
  7. Tommonius

    Minion redesigns and what you think of them - Necromancer

    Okay I thought I would start another thread having had a good look at the redrawn Necromancer and seeing his Ghoul slaves, which to be honest I like a lot and it blows the old design out of the water as far as I am concerned. What do you all think though, do you like/love or hate it or wish a...
  8. Tommonius

    enemy keepers/lords insulting us

    okay I was playing Dungeon keeper 1 and my speakers are wrecked big time but got some earphones to plusg in and for the first time I heard an enemy keeper say stuff like "my dungeon is the finest around" and "your corpse shall feed my minions" Also in DK2 there is a level with like 4 enemy...
  9. Tommonius

    can minions be forced to do jobs they don't normally do?

    I know minions have roles they in working like the Chunder in Manufacturing or Cultist and researching but do minions do other roles if you jobs if you drop them in the rooms like in DK1 except for obviously the jobs they hate like warlocks would not manufacture or will it be more like DK2 where...
  10. Tommonius

    suggestion AI assistant

    Okay I got a bad history of making threads that people already discussed but a glance at the pages of the suggestion forums does not show AI assistants like we had in DK1 (if it does sorry about this) Did people like the assistant managing parts of your dungeon like making new rooms...
  11. Tommonius

    Super sized multi player battles

    Hey all, I was wondering what the rough limit of creatures in a single campaign map or multiplayer would be, as we are vicious underlords leading armies to war I was wondering if we would have a larger amount of creatures all a smaller group like in DK1 and 2 where we had more like strike forces...
  12. Tommonius

    Chunder design debate

    hey all, Sammy gave the suggestion to debate the Chunder design after some debate with people both saying they like it, saying they loathe it and some people half way like me thinking it needs a few tweaks. So to all readers could you answer the poll and see where we as a community stand on...
  13. Tommonius

    Unique names for common fantasy creature types/classes.

    I had a thought whyile considering the renaming of the dungeon heart to be distinct from the Dungeon keeper series and be a catch all name, we have some creatures that are based on stocktype creatures in mythology but they are uniquely designed and renamed such as Augre's/Gnarlings, yet others...
  14. Tommonius

    [creature suggestion, Banshee]

    name: Banshee image: (I used the warcraft 3 banshee picture as it looke a lot like I would imagine it in game) Bio: A tortured undead female soul enslaved to the will of the dungeon keeper and madly insane due to her intellegence and personality being left intact and fully aware of her...
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