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  1. Eek

    Kickstarter - Armikrog (Neverhood Sequel?)

    The guys who made Neverhood and Skullmonkeys are teaming up to make a new (spiritual) sequel to the neverhood! Take a look here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1949537745/armikrog
  2. Eek

    More Ores Or Gems (Aesthetics)

    So, this thread follows on from https://subterraneangames.com/threads/more-ores-or-gems.1919/ For those who haven't read the other thread, the idea is that "gems" shouldn't all just look the same, you might find a seam of Sapphire or Emerald for example - they'd both be infinite, and both...
  3. Eek

    Errors On Forums

    We're very sorry to anyone who's been experiencing errors when trying to access the forums. Regular database backups have been taken to ensure that nothing is lost, should our server be struck by lightning or something. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately? ;) ) our community is growing so...
  4. Eek

    I Backed Via Kickstarter - How Do I Access The Backers Forum?

    Unfortunately, we're still waiting for all the kickstarter information to be finalised, so can't yet give Kickstarter backers access. Once the kickstarter information is available, everyone will be sent a survey, in which they can specify a forum account which will be granted access. Until...
  5. Eek

    Someone Is A Bloodling/Blood Imp/Cultist - What Does That Mean, And How Can I Be One?

    These are the old Trophy Reward titles - they're completely meaningless, and you probably won't see them around very often. If you got a certain amount of trophy points, you would be awarded with the next rank up - however, we now use the titles of 'Backer', 'Founder' and 'Underlord Council' to...
  6. Eek

    Trophies - What Are They, Or Why Am I Missing One?

    Throphies are the forum equivalent of achievements, and each trophy comes with a cetain amount of "Trophy Points" You can see what trophies a member has, by visiting their profile and clicking on their Trophy Points on the left. From there, there is a link to see all the available trophies you...
  7. Eek

    I Haven't Received My Pledge Confirmation - Is Everything Okay?

    Please note that this thread is only for people who have backed via the store on this site. If you backed via Kickstarter, you will have received a confirmation email, but will not yet have forum access for other reasons (For more info on this, please click here) WFTO doesn't currently send...
  8. Eek

    [Mechanic] - Automated Systems

    I'm not sure how well it'd fit into WFTO, I guess it'd have to involve "magic" of some sort, but I was thinking of some way of linking things together, like Creatures 3 had (example at the end of this post - not a good one, but the only one I could find) Basically, all objects, like traps and...
  9. Eek

    Dungeon Creeper?

    I'm fairly sure you can get around copyright restrictions as long as you're making a "parody", right? So... Can we get something a lot like a cute little horned reaper, possibly the size of a chicken or something, and call him a Dungeon Creeper? I just want the mentor to say "Your dungeon is...
  10. Eek

    Moustaches + Charity!

    So uh, it's completely off-topic, but hey, that's what this part of the forum's for, right? I'm taking part in Movember. The idea is to raise money for the Prostate Cancer and Cancer Research charities, and to raise awareness about mens health, by growing a moustache (No beards allowed), and...
  11. Eek

    [Mechanic] Saving Multiplayer Games

    Might not be necessary, depends how long games are likely to last, and how people like to play. Personally, I tend to be a bit of a turtle, and like fully training everything before going on the attack, so games can go on a while... which makes it fairly likely that someone will disconnect, or...
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