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  1. rooben777

    Post Victory resistance

    So my idea is to allow the minions of a defead dungeon to stick around, even after their underlord is banished, the same goes for traps, doors, and rooms who should continue to function for the minions in the dungeon, pretty much like a hero stronghold. Why? -Eliminates the idea of rushing...
  2. rooben777

    Viewed by Developer Life in a dungeon, even after the death of an underlord

    So, what I suggest is, to let the dungeon "live", even after its master is gone, or is away. I mean It simply makes sense to me, why should everyone die/run away when an underlord dies, I mean heros are living underground alone with no master all the time, why are evil creatures any different...
  3. rooben777

    My suggestions

    Ideas from 23/6/2016: Hello evreryone, a long time has passed since my last post, but now I am happy to be back with a new suggestion. as you may notice, this post is quite gigantic, since I like to stick all of my ideas together in one post, so I will be able to balance them all together, and...
  4. rooben777


    Hello everyone :D I will make this as short as I can, otherwise this will turn into a book, I am apolegize for my weak english, since I am not a native english speaker. I have played the DK series for a decade now, and I l watched WFTO grow from its very begining in the keeper klan forums...
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