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  1. Baelrog

    Portal leads to where? Rational behind unit design?

    A childhood friend of mine and I have played the DK games for many years, we loved the dark atmosphere, the o-so-awesome sounds/music and the evil creatures that came crawling through your portal. Of course both of us became really excited when we came to discover of WFTO and follow the game's...
  2. Baelrog

    Your favorite and least favorite creatures thus far.

    It might be interesting to see what creatures people really like and dislike in the game. So, pick a creature that you think is totally awesome, and another that you think doesn't fit and should be redesigned. Please give a short reasoning for each choice. +1: I really like the Oculus: It looks...
  3. Baelrog

    [Room] Hex Chamber (Name is subject to change)

    Hex Chamber In this room you can develop so called Ruinations/Desecrations/Hexes, or something along those lines (some evil enchantments). These are upgrades that, after development, can be sealed into your dungeon heart and provide some sort of beneficial effect. However, your dungeon heart has...
  4. Baelrog

    [Feedback] The Oculus - Like or Dislike the model?

    In this thread I would like to discuss the model for the Oculus. I do really like the idea behind the creature. In an evil god game, an Evil Eye is way more fitting as a scout than something like a Fly or Rogue. However, I was a bit disappointed when I first saw the model: To me it looks...
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