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  1. NaTT

    Desperate times need a good word...

    Dear Devs and people who backed and bought the game! Things are hard on devs at the moment. Release of a game that has quality issues which makes it feel released to early with many flaws here and there. Out of the question that it is too soon for it's birth. Although devs were in a hard spot...
  2. NaTT

    Language Translation Polish

    Hello Underdevelopers, Who to contact in case of translation bugs? Did somebody did translation for you or you did it?
  3. NaTT

    Multiplayer sessions

    Hey Underlords, At which time usually people play multiplayer games? I would like to play against something more human if you know what i mean ; ). So far i could not find any games and when i host the game nobody comes unfortunately. (Yes my ports are forwarded correctly). Maybe some underlords...
  4. NaTT

    Behemoth - Strategy against

    Hey Underlords, I'm stuck on 17 wave of survival mode. The problem is that 4 behemoths per line are spawned. So far 2 strategies i used fail. Are there any straight forward counters to Behemoth? Can you counter it at all? What is viable strategy against those horrors? : P
  5. NaTT

    New v0.6.0 Hotfix 4 - Survival - Second wave did not want to spawn

    I was recording for the other bug when I discovered after a minute or two that the second wave did not spawn. I know it was reported but I do not know how this is important for the current build. Also at the end of the game after I quit to go and render the recording and extract the game log I...
  6. NaTT

    Highlights in the tutorial maps

    Hey all, I haven't seen a post concerning this matter but if there is one sry in advance. I would like to point out that the highlights in the campaign tutorials are to subtle for example purple color for the blocks to mine out. The same goes for highlighting the rally banner which is too subtle...
  7. NaTT

    Campaing work in progress

    Dear Developers, I have just bought the game today and I am enjoying it very much. I know that the campaign levels are work in progress so what bugs are valid to report? I found issues with skipped or missing subtitles, with tiles flashing red despite finishing objective and others. Do you...
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