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  1. Kinson

    Mod Templates

    This may be more of a suggestion for community modders, but it could be done by the team also. There area lot of great types of mods created for many games, my benchmark tends to be Warcraft 3 custom maps. I still play an 11 year old game with my kids because of the custom mods and content. I...
  2. Kinson

    Theorycrafter data

    Some people like number they can crunch and simulate. It would be great to have a place where the numbers and mechanics could be discovered without datamining or trial & error. If you don't put up a pretty page with all the stats of units/spells etc, at least make the information freely...
  3. Kinson

    [Mechanic] Multi Level Dungeons

    Allow for excavation of, and building lower and/or upper levels. This would require a few things to be done: 1. A new UI element to switch views between levels. 2. We would need a new room type [Stairs Up] and [Stairs Down] to connect the different levels. 3. UI element for the minimap to...
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