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  1. mishko

    OpenKeeper! Dungeon Keeper 2 Opensource!

    A new project has come to light that has been in the dark for the last year and a half. It is called OpenKeeper. It is an Opensource remake of DK2 that will require having DK2 game. So it is essentially a KeeperFX for DK2 of sorts. I am super excited because it opens up the possibility of...
  2. mishko


    Hello, i just wanted to make a thread about this since there wasn't one. What does anyone here think about the progress of OpenDungeons so far? It's mainly inspired by Dungeon Keeper and Evil Genius. It looks like it has made progress in the last year so what do you all think...
  3. mishko

    Things I Would Still Love to See Added

    More Hand Animations: I know you guys put a levitating animation for minions grabbed by the hand. But what I would rather see is animations for the minions dangling back and forth. Also dropping animations for minions and a falling coins animation when dropping gold like in dungeon keeper...
  4. mishko

    Doors: Best of Both Games

    From what I have seen, many people prefer how doors work more in the Dungeon Keeper games than in this game. But at the same time the idea of being able to use doors as traps is a really neat idea. So my proposition is to be able to toggle doors between 3 different modes using either the left or...
  5. mishko

    Will Metacritic Score Stay the Same?

    I know that most reviewers gave the game a bad review mostly because of the buggy launch of the game. No matter how much the game is improved will the score not change? Is there any way to get them to review the game again? I'm just asking because I think it is a shame that there are people that...
  6. mishko

    Not All Creatures Go to Rally Flag 1.0.15

    When I set an all rally flag down I have noticed that there is a bug where a lot of beasts and sometimes other minions aren't assigned to the all rally flag. Even when I put the beast flag down some of the beasts still choose to ignore it. What I have had to do to fight this bug is assign every...
  7. mishko

    Match Mutator: Invulnerable Walls

    I would love to see walls that you can't dig through as a match mutator. The ways to break through walls would be the Underminer and the Hellfire potion. In DK2 they had a match mutator for this. I would love to see this mutator back since there are other options to break walls.
  8. mishko

    Why do Most People Hate Level 8?

    I actually really enjoyed this level. I liked going around collecting ghouls and spirit versions of strong heroes. I think it could've been mixed up a bit more but overall I thought it was a decent level. My opinion though. Most opinions I saw were that it was boring and shouldn't be in the game.
  9. mishko

    How to Get Past Level 10?

    This isn't a post asking for a guide on how to beat it. I'm simply asking how some of you managed to actually get to level 11. Because whenever I try to beat level 10 the lag crashes my game before I can even fight the enemy for long. It isn't the imps causing it for me because I am only using 5...
  10. mishko

    Will Balancing of the Game Negatively Affect Campaign?

    I am aware that balancing for multiplayer is going to be a post-release effort. But will changes to minions, abilities, rooms, etc., negatively affect the single-player campaign? I can easily see changes in multiplayer making certain campaign levels easier or harder. Or will the campaign be...
  11. mishko

    Trap Made by Tier 10 Backer?

    Hello I noticed that there was one tier 10 backer. Will the trap made by the person be in the game in the future or was one of the traps already in the game influenced by him? I'm just curious.
  12. mishko

    My List of Suggested Animations

    Hello, there is a few simple animations I feel would add a lot of detail, atmosphere and personality to the game: Researchers flipping a page every once in a while when they research. (Simple to do but effective) Unique reaction from individual creatures when they are slapped (unique flinching...
  13. mishko

    Disciple Appearance?

    Hello I was just wondering if this picture in the Unit Name Reference for Kickstarter Backers is really what the Disciple will look like. Because I think the concept art of the Sentinel looks much better than a recolored Templar.
  14. mishko

    Gory Death Animations and Decomposing Bodies

    Hello, I would like to suggest that since the game has ways that minions instantly die when defeated that more gruesome death animations be shown for creatures that instantly die. Some examples would be: Executions in the arena (head or limbs chopped off and guts everywhere), Beasts in combat...
  15. mishko

    Will Themes Have Different Hands of Evil?

    I think it would be awesome if the underlord hand changes depending on what theme you are using. Is this planned possibly as part of themes? I think it would be really cool to be able to choose a different hand in multiplayer. If not in the base game please in some sort of post-release content?
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