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  1. policeofficer110

    Rated D for Delayed

    Hello. narrator_time_or_date_misc_line_027 Rated D for Delayed. (August 30th) I can't translate this sentence. What does this sentence mean ? Why August 30th ? Please help me. Thank you.
  2. policeofficer110

    What is crowd control?

    Hello. I am trying to translate the following sentences. Generic_Sturdy_description Immune to all crowd control and cannot be picked up. I don't know the meaning of the term "crowd control". Please explain the meaning of this word. Thank you and best regards.
  3. policeofficer110

    Where are these texts used?

    Hello. I am going to translate the following texts. narrator_tutorial_line_XX otheland_story_XX levels_tutorial_obj_XX_title campaign_worldmap_reminder_returnhome_XX cynical_imp_level_line_XX However, I have never seen these texts in the game, so I can not confirm my translation.:( Please let...
  4. policeofficer110

    map name in crucible

    Hello. I translated the map name and description of crucible mode. (e.g. map_crucible_memento_moor_name ) However, the texts in the game are still English. Can I display the map names in other language ? Thank you and best regards.
  5. policeofficer110


    Hello. I want to know how to test the message of "menu_multiplayer_port_test_manual_instructions_text". Because I am anxious that "{0}" is not ascii. Does this work correctly ? Thank you and best regards.
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