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  1. Alistair

    Uploading files directly to the forum.

    Uploading files. To prevent forum spam, new users must have 3 or more posts before posting links outside of subterraneangames.com. We encourage all users to upload to the forum directly using one of the following methods below: Method 1 - Drag and drop the file you wish to upload into the...
  2. Alistair

    Notice Post Performance issues here

    We're currently aware of a number of users suffering from high resource usage and lower than expected FPS, we are currently working to solve this issue so please bear with us. All performance related issues will be merged into this thread. Patch Notes. Thank you.
  3. Alistair

    My version of War For The Overworld has not updated!

    This is a very common problem we see so here are some ways you can correct this. Linux and Mac users please all ways read the patch notes. Sadly bugs are unavoidable and sometime we may have to delay Linux/Mac builds until the problem/s can be corrected. Make sure the patch is released - We...
  4. Alistair

    New forum design feedback.

    We are looking for feedback regarding the new forum design. Love it? Hate it? Let us know! Change log: 21-Aug-13 Quotes are now darker and italic wording removed. Search bar position correctlyed when resizing window. Page nav colour has been fixed. 20-Aug-13 Headings have been changed to...
  5. Alistair

    Forum Trophies Not Displaying

    After a number of messages, I am currently looking into why some users are not receiving the correct trophies. I shall update this post once I have managed to find the source of the problem. Thank you! 10 July: I have identified a few errors and they have been correct. A large number of...
  6. Alistair

    Showcase news and updates.

    Showcase news and updates. The Showcase can be found here. If you are having problems playing/downloading please scroll down. What is the Showcase? The Playable Showcase is a way for you to experience the world we have begun to create. Here, you will assume control of a Blood Imp and be...
  7. Alistair

    Tablets and Christmas

    Ok, so its coming up to that time of the year again (ah great :() So I am stuck on what to get, there is the new Google Nexus 10'' Ipad and also been looking at the Samsung Note. Dose anyone recommend any of these? What on everyone's Christmas list? any cool gadgets or games?
  8. Alistair

    Forum Rules & Frequently Asked Questions

    Forum Rules Frequently Asked Questions Moderators reserve the right to change/edit/delete any content at any time if they feel it is inappropriate. I. General Forum Rules Do not: Bump or resurrect threads without providing something worthwhile to the discussion. Post advertisements or...
  9. Alistair

    Humble bundle #4

    Just a heads up for the people who have not heard of Humble Bundle before. The games are fantastic & at that price you pay who can complain. You can also send it as a gift to friends or family.. maybe you know some one this Christmas who is not well off? Biggest part of it all (for me) is that...
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